Getting Members On Your WordPress Hosting

Why should you open your site for member registration?

Well, membership registration is there by default. All you need to do is enable it. But “just because it’s there” is a horrible reason to do something.

WordPress Hosting Can Manage Thousands of Members

With our first rate WordPress Hosting you never have to worry about hitting a membership cap. You can have thousands of members on your site without suffering a lapse in performance.

This is because memberships (or, in WordPress speak, Users) are a part of the WordPress architecture. Managing users is as simple as writing a new post or page.

What Can Members Do?

The answer to this is simple: anything you want.

User roles in WordPress are very simple to manage.

For example, you can create a user who can access private posts or pages or only certain areas of your site.

You can also create admin users with the privilege to enter the back end, install updates, fix bugs, install plugins, and much more.

Using Membership in Marketing

You can also use memberships to help achieve your marketing goals.

For example, let’s say you want to offer premium content on your site.

That’s an incentive for people to join your site. But there should also be an exchange. For example, you could offer the premium content to people who sign up for your mailing list.

But how do you offer the premium content to some without publishing it for all?

That’s how user management makes your life easier.

You can create a user class for people who signed up for your email list and grant access to the premium content only for those people.

So whether you just want to add a few users to help with your site, or if you want to achieve a complicated marketing goal, WordPress has you covered.

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