Creating a Website Takes More Than a Few Clicks

Creating a Website Takes More Than a Few Clicks

Due to the rise of SaaS (Software as a service) tools that allow you to create your own websites, we’ve seen ‘Create A Website’ plastered almost everywhere.

Not only are these website creator ads all over the internet, but they’re also in commercials, on podcasts, YouTube videos, and some were even seen advertised during the Super Bowl.

But do these companies actually promise that it’s easy and simple to build a website and call it your own? Well, that’s a little complicated, so let’s dive in:

What It Means To Create a Website

When creating a website, you’re not just making something to show people. This is your online presence; this is how internet users will view and judge you and your company, making it very crucial to have a website that works exactly as you want it to.

It’s also important to actually own your website and the content you put on it. Using a quick and easy website builder, however, can put the question of site ownership into question.

Do You Own Your Site?

The appeal that most people see in the simple create your own website scheme is that you can just go in, build your website, and that’s it.

What many don’t realize is that most of the time, you don’t own your own website. You may pay for the plan and domain name but you don’t actually own the website. If they wanted, the company that you use can shut down your site simply because it’s theirs and they want to.

Granted, unless you used a little known smaller company, this is unlikely to happen. But do you really want to complicate the question of ownership?

Are the Savings Worth It?

Another major appeal of the build your own website companies is the cost. It really doesn’t cost that much to pick their lowest plan and get going. But very often, that cheap startup cost is going to cause you to spend more money down the line.

Technically speaking, when choosing one of these plans you are just renting out space on their platform. If you want to upgrade because your website traffic is growing, you will need more space and more security.

Most of these companies don’t offer that. Their plans are based around features and extras that you can add on to the existing storage.

So What’s the Move?

What we recommend is using WordPress for your content management system. WordPress is by far the most common platform used to build a website. There is so much you can do with a WordPress site that you can’t do with one of the “create your own website” services.

Being able to choose who you host with is one of the key reasons to choose WordPress. All the issues that we talked about are mainly because when you go with one of these companies, you have to host with them. You can’t change your host, you can’t change your hosting plan, and this can cause major issues for your website.

Choosing to host your website with a company that offers hosting as their main source of business is the way to go.

We understand the issues you may run into when trying to create a website. Though InMotion is a hosting company, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about website creation.

We care a lot about websites, and we want yours to be amazing and something of which you are proud.  This is why we offer a large variety of hosting plans to choose from.

Not only that, but we offer a Website Creator to help you build your website. And in case you are wondering – No, we don’t own your website, nor do we want to. You are free to do with it as you please. Why not host it with the best?

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