Choosing the Right Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

The server hosting world is quite varied and crowded with many companies rushing out with cheap and even “free” hosting options. Often, these cheap or free options are not all that they may appear to be.

On the other end of the spectrum is a server option that seems to be the choice of only the largest companies—the managed dedicated server.

Is Dedicated Server Hosting Right For You?

Businesses shouldn’t be afraid of upgrading to a managed dedicated server. In fact, there are many advantages to doing just that. But it is important to find the right managed platform for your needs and to do your research before you make a commitment. Read on for some advantages of managed dedicated server hosting:

  • Updates—One of the first things that you can quit worrying about with managed dedicated server hosting is the need to run regular updates on software. There are constant updates and patches issued by software companies that can repair vulnerabilities in a program. Some of these vulnerabilities could leave your website open to hackers looking to crash your system or steal your data. But if you have a managed dedicated server, your hosting service will run all these updates for you to ensure that your website has the most current software available.
  • Maintenance—The software is not the only thing that needs to be repaired and updated regularly. Your physical server needs regular maintenance to work at an optimum level, much like a car. Most of us would have no idea what to do if our server crashed, other than to call tech support and pray that they can fix it. But, with a managed server, your hosting company will make sure that your physical server is working well so that you have a high uptime. This means that your website will not crash, or if it does, it will be brought back online as quickly as possible.
  • Data—Imagine that something dramatic happens to your server and it crashes taking with it every file on your website, but also every single piece of customer data that you have accumulated over the years. With a managed server, your hosting company will schedule regular back-ups that you don’t have to worry about. If your website does crash, they can then restore your data almost instantly and your site will hardly miss a beat as it gets back online. And then, you won’t have to recreate your customer data from scratch.
  • Web Traffic—Unfortunately, sometimes too much web traffic can be a bad thing. Traffic spikes can create a bottleneck that slows down your website’s speed, making it harder for the pages to load, which in turn will ultimately drive your visitors away because they think that something is wrong with the site. Managed servers are monitored to ensure that such traffic spikes can be handled without causing major problems with your website.
  • Security—Hacking is a major issue that every website owner and operator has to worry about. On a shared server, your security can be compromised by an unsecured website on the same server. Once hackers get into that site, they can use the server as a means to attack yours. However, with a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about that as you are the only one on the server. If your server is managed, then you know that your site will be regularly scanned for viruses and malware and that it will be protected from DDoS attacks and other hacks.
  • Support—Lastly, a managed dedicated server can save you money in the long run because you don’t have to keep a full IT person on standby to maintain your website. Instead, your managed server host will provide technical support 24/7 and can assist if there are problems with the server or if you need design help and other technical questions about your site itself.

How to Choose the Best Option for Your Needs

It is important to do your research when it comes to server hosting to ensure that your company can offer you all these benefits. InMotion Hosting is one such company that offers some of the fastest dedicated servers on the market with the added support that comes with having a fully managed server.

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