Working From Home? Here Are The Best Zoom Alternatives For Online Video Conferencing

Working from home is quickly becoming the rule instead of the exception. In order to maintain growth in today’s world, businesses must learn how to continue operations online — which includes implementing and using a reliable video conferencing platform. 

Currently, Zoom is the belle of the ball for video conferencing. However, if you want to shop around a bit more before committing to a video conferencing platform, here are a few free and paid options to consider. 

This article will outline the best Zoom alternatives for online video conferencing.

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Free Zoom Alternatives 

If you have a small team, consider the below free Zoom alternatives for your video conferencing needs. Each platform will give you basic video conferencing capabilities and allow a decent amount of participants to join the video call. Though limited, each free option is perfect for teams who only need basically collaboration features to keep the train on the tracks. 

Google Hangouts

If you and those you need to meet with have a personal Google account, you can use Google Hangouts video chat. You can access the Google Hangouts meeting through your browser or on your mobile device via the Google Hangouts app. The platform also allows you to share your screen with those present on the call. Of note, Google will soon be phasing out Google Hangouts and replacing it with Google Meet for all users.


An old favorite is still a reliable option for clear video conferencing. With Skype, you can host a video call with up to 50 people, record your calls, share your screen and enable live captions. Similar to Google Hangouts, you can access Skype through your browser, through the desktop software, or by downloading the mobile app.


The up-and-coming communication platform is also great for video conferencing. In addition to user-friendly chat and file sharing environment Discord presents, if you only have 9 people on your team, you can use the platform to video conference as well. The video conferencing feature also allows you to screen share and record the meeting. You can access Discord in your browser, through the desktop software (Windows only), or by downloading the mobile app.


Usually associated with paid, enterprise plans, Webex has a great free option for video conferencing. You can have meetings with up to 100 people with no time limit and sharing features — including their interactive whiteboard. You can access Webex through your browser or the mobile app.  


A messaging and video conferencing platform in one, RingCentral allows you to collaborate with your team via desktop and mobile. The free version allows you to meet with up to 100 participants, screen share, annotate, use the whiteboard feature and more.

Jitsi Meet

Like Google Meet and Zoom video conferencing, you can easily create a Jitsi meeting in your browser without installing additional software or browser extensions. Also, Jitsi Meet doesn’t require an account to use any of its ever-growing features like screen share, group chat, collaborative document editing, and more

For larger teams, more storage, or other elevated features, you may need to look into a paid option for your video conferencing needs. The below paid video conferencing platforms are good alternatives to Zoom’s paid features. Also, similar to the free platforms, each option allows browser, desktop, and/or mobile access. 

Google Meet

Soon to replace video conferencing for Google’s personal account users, Google Meet is the video conferencing platform provided to enterprise G Suite users. Video calls are encrypted and the meeting host can easily create a video call link through a feature in their Google Calendar. Even better,  participants (e.g. clients) who have access to the video call link can access the meeting without the need to sign in or create an account.

Microsoft Teams

With a Microsoft business plan, you can enjoy their video conference solution Microsoft Teams. The powerful platform can host a meeting or web conference for up to 10,000 people — allowing your organization to take large events online.  Also, because it is a Microsoft product, you will be able to enjoy full integration with other Microsoft products like Word and PowerPoint.


If your organization wants more features for webinars and other online training, Zoho is a great alternative to Zoom.  In addition to industry-standard video conference features seen with enterprise-level plans, Zoho’s webinar features include participant registration, webinar analytics, Polls, Q&A, and more.

Additional Resource For Working From Home

If you’re new to working from home, settling in and positioning your organization for online success may seem overwhelming. However, getting into the swing of working online is much easier than it seems — and we’re here to help! Below are additional resources that will help you master working from home so you can continue to grow your business. 

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  2. Fantastic list of Zoom alternatives. One more very good Zoom alternative, which you can add in the above list is: R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It is easy to use and works well plus provides 30 way HD video conference.

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