Getting Web Hosting For Your Movie Review Website

Date: 11/5/19  2 Minutes To Read

In the previous article, you learned the basic of what goes into creating a movie review site. Now, it’s time to learn about hosting your site.

Getting hosting for your movie review site is easier than you think. There are so many options to choose from so it can be overwhelming. But with this handy guide you’ll have no problem at all making a decision.

What is hosting? That’s what you will discover in this article.

What Is Hosting?

When you’re ready to launch a website, you’re going to have to figure out hosting. Hosting basically involves a computer called a “server” where your website lives. You may be wondering, Can’t I host my own website on my own computer. Yes, you can, but unless you keep your computer running all day long there will be times of day when people won’t be able to reach your site. That’s why hosting your website with a hosting company is the best option.

Types of Hosting Accounts


Shared hosting involves literally sharing a server (basically a computer) with other users. You’ll have your own isolated account but you will be sharing computing resources with other customers. In general, servers have gotten so fast that you may never notice any lag when sharing resources with others. But, for the possibility that your hosting could be affected by others, shared hosting is priced lower. For users just started out shared hosting provides a good entry level option.


Dedicated hosting is the complete opposite end of shared hosting. It is basically a whole server dedicated to you. You have complete access to the full resources and computing power. But this is also the most expensive option. For a movie review site, dedicated hosting is simply too much power. That’s where VPS (below) provides a happy medium.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS hosting gives you the freedom of dedicated in a virtual container. VPS is like shared hosting except your share of the resources cannot be affected by other users. If you get over 20,000 visitors a day on your website, then you must really consider moving over to VPS. But, for all its power, VPS comes with a lot of extra responsibilities. For example, you’ll have to go in yourself and make sure all of your server software is up to date. This is why WordPress Hosting may be an even better option for you.

WordPress Hosting

As you’ll see in the following tutorials in this series, WordPress is the content management system (CMS) you will be using for your movie review site. It’s also the most popular CMS in the world. Because of its popularity you can now get hosting made specifically for WordPress.

WordPress Hosting comes in a few varieties based on how much traffic your site is getting. This makes it easy to figure out when it’s time to upgrade. As your site earns more readers you can simply upgrade your hosting to accommodate your increases in traffic.

Stay tuned for the next article in which you’ll learn how to get started with WordPress.

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