What is Nextcloud?

In an online environment that has increasingly come to depend upon cloud-based storage, you may find yourself looking for an open-source solution that can be installed on a wide variety of platforms. One such solution is Nextcloud, the open-source, free client-server software used for file hosting and storage. In this article, we will discuss Nextcloud and explore some of its features.

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Why Use Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is an open-source file hosting application that allows users to create their own cloud storage network using their own servers or personal computers. Written in PHP and Javascript, Nextcloud was released in early 2020 and has quickly become a staple for users looking to set up a custom, open-source cloud-storage solution that they have total control over. This is in contrast to other services such as Google Drive and Dropbox that are hosted on 3rd party servers outside of your direct control. For users looking to have more control over how and where their data is stored, Nextcloud is an obvious choice.


Nextcloud is compatible with Windows, macOS, as well as various Linux distributions, making it a versatile solution for users with a variety of devices being used in their cloud storage network. As a modular piece of software, Nextcloud can be customized with plugins that provide additional features and functionality. Through the App Store, users can acquire approved plugins that include calendars, contact lists, photo galleries, media streaming, and much more. 

Additionally, Nextcloud allows users to generate public URLs for file sharing purposes, bypassing the need for using FTP or other file transfer methods. Nextcloud files are shared via WebDAV and encrypted during transit, making it a secure and efficient file sharing platform. Furthermore, the software is designed to integrate with database management systems such as MySQL and Oracle Database, adding an additional layer of data management to your cloud storage network. With such a diverse set of features, it is clear why so many users have started using Nextcloud for their storage needs.

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