Tips on Choosing a Great Domain

Choosing a domain name is a very important part of designing a website and increasing your visibility. Although it may seem that using the name of your business or simply your own name is the right course of action, there are other things to consider.

Is It Appealing?

The first thing you want to consider is the appeal. Does your domain name look appealing? This may seem like a ridiculous thing to think about, but it does matter. For example, does not look appealing. It looks like a confusing word or a word that doesn’t make sense or even exist, for that matter. You’ll want to keep away from hard to spell or rarely used words.

Is It Memorable?

This brings us to our next point, memorability. As discussed in the last section, you want to stay away from complex or rare words. This also goes for very common words.

If your website is simply (this used to be an actual website but is no longer active) nobody is going to remember that. It’s simple, generic and, most of all, boring. Other types of words to stay away from are general topics or themes. “Computer,” “insurance,” “food,” “restaurant” are all examples of general topics. Unless your company is called Restaurant Food, we suggest staying away from topics and themes.

Extension Matters

One of the most overlooked, but crucial, elements of a domain name, is the extension. Everybody knows “.com” is the most popular extension for websites. Other than country extensions the next most popular are .org, .gov, .net, and .edu.

Unfortunately, some domain names fall under the ‘sponsored top-level’ domain names. What this means is that unless you are a member of a specific industry or organization, you will not be able to use these domain names.

However, more companies are using custom extensions to make their domain stand out from all the others. These extensions, such as .band, .accountant, even .fun allow companies to further inform potential customers what their company is about even without a visit to the website.

These custom domain extensions are usually more expensive, but add an extra pop to your domain.

Is it Available?

Once you have your name figured out and which extension you want to use, do some research on it. Hopefully, it will be available on a domain purchase site such as InMotion Hosting’s, but if not, don’t worry.

If you’ve chosen a custom extension, look for a .com domain instead. Or if you have a business that has a plural second word, such as designs, look for the same name without the plural. Although it may not be exact to your business name, it doesn’t take away from the name so much that it is mistaken with another. Play around with the name a little to see what’s out there, sometimes you may find a better name than you had before.

Check Misspellings

After purchasing your domain, a strategic next move would be to buy misspellings of your domain. This would ensure that if a visitor mistypes your domain, they can still be directed to your site. A major common misspelling usually involves a double consonant. A good way to check for misspellings is to simply Google misspellings of each word in your domain.

Final Thoughts

Following all these steps, you are ready to launch using your new domain name! Make sure when buying your domain that you get it from a reputable source such as InMotion Hosting. This will ensure security and that your domain name remains yours. And, if you need help with a website, check out the Website Creator, where you can get a domain included with the website.

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