Social Media Fails to Absolutely Avoid

Social Media Fails to Absolutely Avoid

Who can deny that we live in an online world these days? Your business needs a social media presence. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, social needs to be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Social media helps you connect with your ideal audience, increase awareness of your brand, and grow leads and sales. And with more than 3 billion people using social media platforms monthly, it’s only going to become more important.

Unfortunately, putting yourself out there in front of billions of people doesn’t just increase your chances of growing your audience. It also increases your chances of making a mistake in front of billions of people.

Every typo, error or faux pas you make is out there for everyone to see. And trust us, even if you delete something immediately, somebody has already taken a screenshot. Online content never dies.

Here’s a list of the biggest mistakes you can make and what you can do to avoid them:

Social Profiles That Aren’t Optimized

This one isn’t going to end up in undying embarrassment, but it’s not going to win you any new fans, either. If your social media has blank bios, missing contact information, or zero content, no one is going to bother to follow you.

Even worse? Outdated content. Say you created your business Facebook page five years ago when your company was nothing but a dream. Now, it’s your full-time gig and your only source of income – but you never bothered to update your social platforms.

What happens when someone tries to contact you and the email no longer works? Or the products you have listed have nothing to do with what you’re actually selling? It’s going to make you look sloppy at best and at worst a scammer.

An Inconsistent Schedule

The easiest way to lose your audience is to be inactive. There are thousands of other business owners vying for that same market and if you don’t share useful information (but they do), guess who’s going to win?

If creating and scheduling content regularly seems daunting, consider using an auto-scheduler that will allow you to pre-load a bunch of content on a day that works for you.

Too Much Duplicate Content

If you’re posting the same exact content on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, that’s just too much. Your audience will quickly get bored with your repetitive posts and move on to something better.

If you don’t have the time to come up with unique posts for each platform, consider narrowing your focus. It’s likely that your target audience is concentrated in just one or two locations anyway.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Losing Your Cool

Every entrepreneur has at some point in time dealt with a difficult or unruly customer. It’s just part of running a business. This might seem obvious, but don’t flip out on social media.

It may take everything you have to keep your snarky comments to yourself, but it’s for the best. Losing your temper, using crude/inappropriate language, or calling names will only come back to haunt you later. You don’t want to be known as the guy that went off on a crazy Facebook rant.

Constantly Plugging Your Own Products Or Services

You know that friend you have? The one that only ever talks about himself? It gets pretty old fast, right?

Don’t be that guy.

Social media is about communication and engagement. It’s about building relationships and providing useful information. It’s not about tooting your own horn every chance you get.

Failing To Do Research

Attaching yourself to a controversial political topic or inadvertently mocking a sensitive issue is probably the last thing you want to do, right? So, before you hop on the trending hashtag bandwagon, do a little research to find out what it’s all about. There have been multiple companies in recent years that inappropriately used a hashtag just to gain some attention, without bothering to do any research.

If you do a quick Google search for “social media fails,” you’ll find hundreds of more examples (many far more risqué than what we’ve discussed). People commit these errors again and again. And yet, they’re totally avoidable. With a little forethought and attention to detail, you can easily create a strong online presence without risking embarrassment.

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