Refurbished Dedicated Servers – A Solid Hosting Solution

Refurbished Dedicated Servers - An Alternative Option

When shopping for a dedicated server, you may find yourself looking for an affordable, yet reliable hosting solution. Newly built dedicated servers can be prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for small businesses or independent users to enter the field of dedicated hosting. Fortunately, Refurbished dedicated servers exist as an affordable and reliable dedicated hosting solution. In this article, we will discuss how InMotion Hosting certifies Refurbished Servers to ensure they meet industry standards. 

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Why Use Refurbished Servers?

Refurbished servers are generally much more affordable than newly built dedicated servers. This is due to the fact that Refurbished Servers reuse server hardware, negating the need to purchase new and expensive hardware.

Common Use Cases Include:

  • Web Hosting on a Budget
  • Development Sandbox
  • Training for System Administrators

Despite the fact that Refurbished Servers contain reused hardware, we take care to ensure that the hardware is reliable by running each Refurbished Server through our Certification Checklist. Please refer to the following infographic for more information on this certification process.

Please note that Refurbished Servers have limited availability.

Refurbished Server Certification Process

  1. Certified CPUs
    • Certified performance tests check for brand identification, processor operating frequency, processor features, and verify optimal CPU ranges.
  2. Memory Performance
    • You get a custom created memory testing application that writes ones and zeros to the memory module. Included with these tests are random memory performance tests to ensure no errors.
  3. Time Test Power Supply
    • Every power supply (PSU) is tested to ensure the output has the proper voltage. Even while under load, each rail is confirmed where applicable.
  4. Certified Circuits
    • By performing a set of random tasks on the server for an extended period of time, we verify all the buses are functioning on the motherboard, as well as, underclock the CPU, and return it to the correct speed.
  5. High-End Hard Drives
    • Extensive tests take place on the hard drives to ensure their optimum performance. Once the drives are free from any errors you can expect to get the longevity and performance your business needs. If any hard drive has passed half of the manufacturer’s suggested life expectancy, that hard drive receives a brand new replacement.
  6. Fast and Reliable Network
    • The network card is not only tested for network transfer speed and ping times, but a full operating system install is performed. This ensures and confirms that full connectivity is attained.
  7. The Perfect Balance of Hardware
    • Your new server is not complete without a burn-in. Pushed beyond the limits for a designated amount of time your server is stress tested. With limits reached for an extended period of time, these tests will find the weakest link in the chain and break it. Once completed, the server logs are checked closely to ensure your new server is ready for the real-world environment.

As you can see, InMotion Hosting Refurbished Servers offer a unique combination of affordability, reliability and performance. At $79.99 per month, Refurbished Servers provide an excellent value for budget-conscious operations and those looking for an easy way to get started in the field of dedicated server hosting. Get your Refurbished Server today while supplies last!

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