InMotion Hosting Launches Major Improvement to WordPress Hosting Offerings

Launch of WordPress Hosting

Long an industry leader in web hosting, InMotion Hosting has taken steps to improve its services even more with its NEW WordPress Hosting, which provides a combination of hardware and software designed to further enhance speed, performance, and reliability of any WordPress site.

Although InMotion Hosting has provided Shared Business Hosting on machines that performed very well with WordPress installed for many years, this new service changes the game entirely. Using a server stack and additional optimizations specifically tailored to WordPress Hosting, this service produces noticeably better results from day one.

How Does it Work?

To achieve these remarkable results, the team at InMotion Hosting had to do more than just tweak a few settings. Some of the new features that make the new WordPress Hosting so incredible include:


An alternative PHP FastCGI implementation, this process manager has proven more efficient and faster for handling PHP requests in a WordPress environment than the one currently deployed on Business Hosting. Because Business Hosting requires a process manager that works well with a broader range of software (not just WordPress) speed often lost out to reliability. But, in a WordPress only environment, users can have the best of both worlds without any of the sacrifices.


Generally viewed as a much faster web server than Apache thanks to its full-page caching, InMotion Hosting uses both NGINX and Apache in its new WordPress Hosting to receive the benefits of both. It serves as a “reverse proxy” because it can handle a large number of connections, ensuring the smooth flow of network traffic. Keeping Apache in the mix allows WordPress to work well on our servers without any additional configurations needed. Again, because of the wide array of configurations required from Business Hosting, it does not utilize NGINX. But, with the new WordPress Hosting, users can now experience the incredible boosts in performance NGINX creates.


InMotion Hosting’s proprietary WordPress Hosting cache tool provides the most effective and easiest-to-use caching solution in the industry. While the “default” and “basic” settings of this tool offer plenty of benefit to nearly any website, advanced customers can also use it to have a greater level of control over cache settings and refreshes.

BoldGrid Plugins

An incredibly useful and powerful tool for site-building and management, BoldGrid’s plugins offer additional WordPress Hosting features every site owner should consider. For example, BoldGrid’s Backup plugin allows site owners to schedule and manage automatic backups of their website. BoldGrid’s Staging plugin creates a staging site for any WordPress install directly within the WordPress environment; no sub-domains or outside hosting required. BoldGrid SEO offers suggestions to help users improve the search ranking of individual pages and posts within their WordPress websites. Best of all, any InMotion Hosting customer running WordPress can install and use the BoldGrid suite of plugins.

Incredible New Features

Along with all of these improvements, the new WordPress Hosting provides some powerful new features, as well.

WordPress, Plugin, and Theme Updates

Automated. Get automatic updates using the Softaculous auto-installer and/or the BoldGrid Backup plugin. Softaculous can keep a WordPress installation up-to-date easily and automatically. With the BoldGrid backup plugin, users can not only update their WordPress installation, but also many of their plugins. In addition, users can configure it to run a backup just before installing any updates. An auto-rollback feature also undoes any upgrades in the event an issue occurs. Of course, for those that prefer a more hands-on approach, users can also disable these features.

Speed and Security

Compared to Business Hosting, WordPress Hosting can provide a 10X performance improvement against the same site under similar conditions. For example, a site that would have loaded in two seconds on Business Hosting can now load in just 0.7 seconds!

Of course, all that speed means very little if the site lacks adequate security. InMotion Hosting’s newest security patching tool, Patchman, identifies malware and security vulnerabilities and safely fixes them. This saves time, closes security holes quickly, and all happens automatically. Better yet, it can roll back an update it has made in the event the patch creates a problem.

Staging, SEO, and SSL Certificates

After one sets up a WordPress site, much of the real work begins. How can someone experiment with site changes before they go live? What about improving the site’s rankings in search results? And, how can a site ensure security for its guests?

InMotion Hosting’s new WordPress Hosting provides solutions for all of these questions. Using BoldGrid, customers can easily create a staging environment to try out new themes, images, menus, and more without exposing those experiments to the general public. BoldGrid also offers an SEO plugin to help site owners build pages that search engines love. Speaking of which, search engines prefer sites that have SSL certificates ensuring the site’s authenticity and security. Every InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting customer can claim a free domain validated SSL certificate for their site.

Award Winning Customer Support InMotion Hosting Customers Have Come to Expect

Even with all of these incredible new features, one thing has not changed: InMotion Hosting’s commitment to outstanding customer service. Tech support stands ready to help users with their WordPress related issues and hosting questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. InMotion Hosting also has a vast Support Center full of useful articles covering a wide array of topics to answer almost any question.

Ready to do More With Your WordPress Website?

If you want to unleash the full potential of your WordPress website, try InMotion Hosting’s new WordPress Hosting. To try it for yourself, visit the WordPress Hosting page.

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