How to Create Copy That Converts

“Content is king.” That’s a mantra that’s been pushing a lot of websites and business models. And with good reason — writing high-interest content is one of the ways to create conversions that move your sales forward. But just how do you write that copy?

Here are our best tips on how to create great copy guaranteed to increase your sales:

Find Your Voice

The first thing you need to do is learn how to write with a personal style and flair. Don’t feel like you have to write like a college professor or lecturer. Write in a conversational style and you’ll get a better connection with your audience.

Set Your Tone

This one goes hand-in-hand with your voice. But remember that tone is everything. Do you want to come across as funny or serious? Think about what tone will properly set the stage for your blog.

Start With Research

One of the things that will absolutely kill a blog is providing the wrong information. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about your subject and ensure that all of your info is 100% accurate.

Know Your Audience

Another big point of any writing is to know for whom you are writing. You have to know what types of topics they will be interested in, what types of phrases and keywords will catch their eye. This will help bring in and hook the readers.

Keep It Simple

People today have the attention span of a squirrel that just downed a Red Bull. You need to provide information in small chunks that can be consumed quickly and easily. Don’t give them a huge piece of text to read. You can do this by…

Use Bullet Points

Try to keep your content organized with bullet points. Also, make the bulleted points short ones that consist of just two to three sentences each. Get in there, make your point, and move on without a lot of rambling.

Start Out Strong

The first thing that the reader is going to notice is your headline. Make sure that it’s strong and eye-catching. One thing that it should definitely do is to promise some kind of benefit for the reader, something that they will definitely gain from reading your blog.

Tell A Story

One of the strongest human needs is to hear stories. We are drawn to it in all forms of art and entertainment. You would be amazed at how easy it is to draw in your audience with personal anecdotes and stories as opposed to dry facts and statistics.

Everything Is An Argument

A popular belief in writing is that everything, from advertising copy to those research papers you wrote in high school, is a form of argument. An argument isn’t about screaming at people. It’s about making sure that you can convince your audience that what you have to say is right.

Anticipate Your Audience’s Concerns

If you are trying to convince your audience to buy a product, then you should think about what they may say as a reason why they shouldn’t. Maybe they already have something similar or maybe they just don’t think it is a product they need. Part of any good argument is anticipating objections and then countering the argument; this is what you need to do now.

Wrap It Up With A Call To Action

Your finale should include some call to the audience to do something. This should include a sense of urgency and a need to fix things before they go wrong or to make a change to improve some aspect of your life.

Writing as a means of bringing in business is not easy, but it can be done. If you follow these steps and use them as a standard in everything that you write, then it will be possible to create copy that converts leads into sales.

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