Finding the Right Cheap Linux VPS

If you are looking for a hosting service or platform, then it may be time to consider a reliable but cheap Linux VPS to take care of your web hosting needs.  A Linux system is able to give you most of the benefits that you would otherwise find with a dedicated hosting service, but at a fraction of the original cost.  

By switching to a Linux server, you can actually have a safe, stable hosting service that is able to fuel your business so that it can remain competitive in the current economy.

A Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically a web hosting service that is running on a Linux operating system.  Since Linux is open source, it is much cheaper than running the same server on a computer using the Windows operating system.

But what makes the server such a good plan is that it gives you the benefits of having your own dedicated server without the additional costs. With a virtual server, you are storing your data on a shared computer, but each entity on that server has its own section of it set aside by partitioning.  Each website has its own finite set of resources all to itself without having to share with the others on the server.

Shortcomings Of Shared Servers

If you are a business that has been on a shared server system, then you probably already know some of the problems with that type of set-up.  On a shared server, you have to split the resources such as memory and storage space with other companies.  

If one website on the server receives a spike in web traffic, then the other sites could wind up being slowed down significantly.  Additionally, if one website on the server is compromised by malware or a data breach, then everyone on the shared server is potentially at risk for infection or hacking.  

But a VPS prevents this from happening by setting aside designated resources for each website and keeping all of them partitioned off from each other.

Pros Of A Cheap Linux VPS

If you select a cheap Linux VPS you get more processing power and memory and better bandwidth than you would with a shared server.  You also get root access to your virtual server that gives you more control over the system such as the ability to reboot it if something happens and you have to do this.  

With a shared server, you have no control because of the other sites on the hosting service computer. Additionally, you can configure the server as you wish, giving you autonomy over your server that you don’t have with a shared system.

Although some people may be hesitant to try Linux because they think they aren’t computer-savvy enough, with a Linux VPS you will be given an easy to use control panel and interface.  You will be able to customize your server using this interface and also be able to update your website, so it is set-up exactly as you wish it to appear.  

Additionally, set up of such a system is easy and there are tools and other add-ons that can be installed to meet all of your needs.  With Linux, the processes to install and run these features are quick and easy.

The Takeaway Points

For many people, one of the deciding factors for a cheap Linux VPS is the word “cheap.”  But this doesn’t mean cheap in quality.  A Linux VPS is open source, meaning that it is much more affordable than Windows-based servers.  And, with a Linux system, you are not sacrificing quality when you choose the less expensive option. Rather, Linux offers you secure and flexible server options that won’t break the bank.

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