SEO for Beginners: Actionable Tips You Can Use Right Away

SEO is one of those buzz terms you hear all over the place – but is it actually something you need to be concerned about? In one word: yes. SEO can make or break a business.

In a nutshell, SEO is Google’s way of determining how to rank your webpage (or where to position you in search results). And, since 75% of people will never look past the first page of results, it’s important to rank high.
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10 Tips to Promote Your New Website

So, you just finished building your brand-new website and no one is coming to it. What a letdown. Luckily, it’s probably not your site that’s the problem. It can take Google anywhere from four days to four weeks to index your new pages. This means that you’re not showing up in search results and no one actually knows that you’re there. So how do you get the word out? Here are our top 10 tips for promoting your website and bringing in traffic:
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Our Favorite Social Media Marketing Podcasts

It’s a long-held belief that education never stops – it just shifts gears. Instead of formal “schooling,” as adult professionals, we need to keep educating ourselves in our own fields.

For years, the best way to do this was by reading everything possible related to your field. But in the past ten years, that has shifted to the realm of the Internet, specifically with podcasts. There are podcasts on thousands of topics.
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Grow Your WordPress Website Through Artificial Intelligence

Once you launch your WordPress website, there is still work to do to keep it updated and running smoothly. Sometimes all the work can feel a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over some of the basic tasks to someone else so you can focus on the main effort of creating content? You could always hire a designer or developer, but what if there was a way to have someone just do it without paying them? It almosts sounds too good to be true. Continue reading –>

Why You Need a Privacy Policy on Your Website

If you have a website that collects any personal information such as names, email addresses, etc. and/or third party apps, including those for e-commerce, you are required by law to have a privacy policy. As a matter of fact, if you’re found in violation of this law, Google and other search engines will strip your rank, leaving you without a way for customers to find you. Analytics companies require it, credit card companies require it, social media plugins, and almost every addon you can image requires it, so ignoring this can put you in hot water.
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