How Many Websites Can I Host On My Business Shared Hosting Plan?

Depending on your business needs, the amount of websites you’re able to host on a Business Shared Hosting plan is important information when trying to establish your web presence. Knowing the number of websites allowed for each business shared hosting plan will help you decide which plan is best for your business needs. Remember, you will always be able to upgrade your plan as your business, website, and customer needs grow.

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Put your website plans into action with one of our Business Shared Hosting plans.

The information below outlines exactly how many websites you can host with your business shared hosting account, which will help you decide which plan is best for you. 

How Many Websites You Can Host With Shared Hosting?

Before defining the number of websites you can host, it’s important to first clarify the differences between an addon domain and a subdomain. When setting up websites, you can use addon domains and/or subdomains

  • An addon domain is a completely unique website with its own domain (like
  • A subdomain is a completely separate website that shares a domain with an addon domain (like

You can think of addon domains as your main websites and subdomains as extensions of your main websites. Users typically use subdomains when setting up a blog, eCommerce store, or another business-relevant element that compliments the main website. 

With the types of domains defined, we can now explain the number of websites you can host on each business shared hosting plan. Per the chart below, the Launch plan allows for two main domains and 25 subdomains. This means a Launch plan user will be able to have two main websites with completely unique domain names, and 25 additional websites with domain names attached to one of the two main websites. 

The most popular of the three plans is the Pro plan as there is no limit to the number of websites, with both an addon/main domain or subdomain, a user can create.

2 websites6 websitesUnlimited
25 subdomains100 subdomainsUnlimited

Advantages of Hosting Multiple Sites

Before you sign up for a business shared hosting account, it’s important to first identify the number of websites you will need or plan to have. Over time, as your needs change, you may find yourself wanting to set up a blog or eCommerce store on a subdomain for an existing website, or even create separate websites for new business ventures and ideas. Hosting multiple websites can be lucrative if you have the time and resources. For example, many full-time bloggers supplement their income by hosting multiple blogs. You could also host different eCommerce stores for different businesses/websites.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the types of domains, and how many websites you can host, you can start the process of securing your web hosting and establishing your web presence. For more information, contact our live sales team either by phone (888-321-4678 (continental US only) +1-757-416-6575 (international)) or by our Sales Chat.

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