What is Jetpack for WordPress?

Tired of working with dozens of plugins to help add functions to your WordPress site? Your plugins may give you the option to create a backup, provide a way to improve search engine results, speed up the loading of your WordPress posts, or even give you access to statistics about your site. However, the Jetpack plugin provides all of these features and more. As the plugin has matured, some features do require a subscription, but for the most part, many of the features are free of charge.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a WordPress that provides valuable add-ons to the functionality of your WordPress site. These features include security, statistical analysis, SEO optimization, proofreading, content delivery network and many more. If you’re new to plugins for WordPress, then it is well worth your time. There are also premium options that include a scheduled/daily backup, brute force attack protection, automated spam filtering, malware scanning, and performance optimization to help speed up your site.

For more detailed information, please see the JetPack documentation page.The complete list of features in Jetpack can be seen below:

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Ads Display ads on your WordPress site
Beautiful Math Used for writing mathematical equations, formulas, and other complex text requirements
Carousel Display full-screen photos with comments and EXIF metadata
Comments Comment system that replaces the default system used on Pages and Posts in WordPress. Includes social media login
Comment Likes Provides an option for readers to “like” an existing comment
Contact Form Provides a form for feedback
Custom CSS Use custom CSS to modify an existing theme without creating a child theme
Custom Content Types Provides custom post types for your WordPress site
Enhanced Distribution Allows your content to be included in the WordPress.com public blog content
Extra Sidebar Widgets Additional widgets that you can use for your WordPress site
Gravatar Hovercards Provides visibility for your Gravatar profile
Google Analytics Use Google Analytics to track your WordPress site statistics
Infinite Scroll Automatically adjust the position of a post so that it is visible when approaching the bottom of the screen
JSON API Allows applications to securely authenticate to your site in order to use your content or provide functionality
Lazy Images Speeds up page loading by providing the option of loading images in your WordPress site only when they are on the screen. Images load as the reader scrolls.
Likes Single click like for posts in your WordPress site
Markdown Use markdown when composing posts or comments. Markdown allows you to use rich text through keyboard shortcuts
Monitor Provides an email notification if your site goes down.
Notifications Gives you the option to receive notifications for new comments and likes through your admin bar or a mobile device
Photon Content delivery network for optimized delivery of your images
Plugin Updates Gives you the option to choose which plugin updates automatically
Post by Email Publish posts with an email client
Proofreading Check your writing for spelling, grammar, and style before you publish
Protect Provides protection from brute force attacks
Publicize Share new posts through social media automatically. You can also schedule future shares.
Related Posts Show other posts with similar content that a viewer might be interested in
Security Scanning Anti-virus, malware, and threat detection for your WordPress site
Search A replacement for the default WordPress search using Elasticsearch in the WordPress.com cloud
SEO Tools Provides tools to help optimize your WordPress site for improved search engine results.
Sharing Gives you the option to add sharing buttons to your posts so that your viewers can share content
Shortcode Embeds Embed content from various social media platforms on the internet.
Single Sign-On Use one login to sign into your self-hosted WordPress sites. Works through WordPress.com
Site Backups Provide an option to backup your WordPress site
Site Stats Provides stats by date, most popular Pages and/or Posts
Site Verification Verify your site in order to use it with Google, Bing, Pinterest and their tools
Sitemaps Create a site map of your WordPress site. This provides an organized index of your website pages so that search engines like Google or Bing can find things easier.
Subscriptions Provides notifications for your viewers
Tiled Galleries Allows you to display images in galleries in three different styles: rectangular mosaic, square mosaic, and circular grid.
VideoPress A quick way to upload videos. Videos are hosted on WordPress.com
WP.me Shortlinks Create short and easier to understand links for your content using the wp.me domain.
Widget Visibility Allows widgets to be displayed on specific pages.
WordPress.com Toolbar Replaces the default WordPress Administrator toolbar with a WordPress.com module. It provides links to the Reader, your sites, WordPress.com profile, and notifications.

Who can use Jetpack?

Anyone with a self-hosted WordPress site can use the plugin. Make sure that your version of WordPress is up-to-date before you install the plugin. You should also make sure to have a backup of your site before making any installations. The installation of Jetpack will require that you either create or use a WordPress.com account. Click on this link to learn more about installing Jetpack.

If you are using Jetpack to replace a plugin, then be sure to carefully evaluate the function or functions that you are replacing. Make sure that the feature you are using in Jetpack meets your WordPress site requirements. Jetpack provides a wide variety of features that are mostly free. Additionally, it was made by the developers of WordPress, so compatibility and support for the plugin will be no problem.

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