You Don’t Have to be Experienced to Build an Amazing Website

Building a website used to be reserved for experienced developers, but with our Website Creator, you now have an easy website builder and hosting bundled together.

There’s no longer a need to have the years of knowledge, or thousands of dollars spent, to build a website from scratch. You can do it all on your own, and pretty easily.

As technology evolves, tasks are getting easier every day. From ordering an Uber to checking out at a store with your phone, streamlining has been taken to the next level.

So why shouldn’t this include building a website? Well, good news, it does. InMotion Hosting has utilized the incredibly easy to use WordPress website builder, BoldGrid, for our Website Creator.

Did I just write “incredibly easy to use” AND “WordPress” in the same sentence? Yes, yes I did, and I’ll explain why.

BoldGrid and Website Creator

BoldGrid was created to allow new website designers access to build their own website. The best part is that it was built specifically for WordPress. WordPress is the world’s largest content management system, and by a long shot.

Most of the websites created are built on WordPress. The reason is because of the extreme customization options that you have when building a website using WordPress. Website design used to be reserved for people who had spent years learning to code, taking classes, and spending money just to know how to create a site.

With BoldGrid, you now have to power to create yourself.

Some of you may still be skeptical and that’s okay. Let’s address some of the common concerns and why they are no longer a worry with our Website Creator.

No Coding Required

Normally when you think about website design, you think about coding. You don’t have to anymore. With the Website Creator and BoldGrid, adding items to a page is as simple as selecting what you want to add, and moving it to where you want to add it.

There is no coding involved. If you want, you are still able to add coding features, but why complicate a good thing?

Design Made Simple

You may be thinking that you aren’t a website designer, or you’re not sure how to make a website flow. No problem.

Because of the ease of the Website Creator, you can change your pages in mere seconds to see what you think looks best.

Not only that, you have the option to change colors, fonts, images, and the list goes on.

Getting an Easy Website Builder and Hosting

You can build the best website ever made, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a name for it or a place to host it.

Lucky for you, we have created an easy website builder and hosting plan bundle, along with a free domain name.

After building your website and choosing a domain name, we will host it for you. We have different options depending on the type of site and hosting that you want, so you can choose the best fit for you.

Feel better about some of your concerns when it comes to building websites?

Bundling an easy website builder and hosting plan is a great way to keep your website and all of its data in one secure place. Head on over to the Website Creator site to start creating your very own website!

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