What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? title image

You’ve decided to build a website, but maybe you’re still wondering how much work that’s going to take. Chances are, someone has told you to keep things simple and just use WordPress.

There’s no doubt — WordPress is popular. It’s easy to learn, easy to find knowledgeable WordPress professionals, and easy to find WordPress Hosting designed to keep your site running quickly and reliably. But what is WordPress, exactly? What does WordPress offer that other platforms don’t?

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Text Vs Blocks

Text or blocks? Which one is best for you?

You have no doubt noticed that the WordPress approach to content creation is changing. The emphasis has shifted more toward on-page editing in the browser. This essentially means blocks over text. The pros and cons of taking a content first approach as opposed to an all-in-one design and content approach can produce different results. Each approach provides unique opportunities as well as trade-offs.

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WordPress Costs Over Long Term Growth

WordPress is a great content management system to get your website started and support you as your business grows. As you probably already know, WordPress is free software. This means it’s free for you to use the software, but many goods and services associated with managing a website carry their own costs. In this article, you’ll see how website costs can be budgeted, so you can make informed financial decisions.

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Optimize your WordPress Writing Workflow for Gutenberg

Save time and future proof your site by optimizing your WordPress Writing Workflow

There’s a reason so many people seem to miss the WordPress Classic editor. Old-school WordPress was built from the ground up to optimize the workflow of mid-00s bloggers. You could quickly type up your thoughts all in one go, perform some minimal editing, and have your wall-of-text nicely formatted before your first lunch break. If you want to optimize your WordPress Writing Workflow for the modern era, though, you need to adapt.

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WordPress Podcast Plugins: 6 of the Best Free Plugins

WordPress Podcast Plugins: 6 of the best free plugins.

WordPress podcast plugins can help take your podcast or show to the next level while simultaneously making your life easier. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best free options available for podcasts on the WordPress plugin marketplace for current podcasters. We will break down what makes each WordPress podcast plugin unique and how they can be used to elevate your podcast and website. 

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