The Power of Social Engagement: Instagram and WordPress

The Power of Social Engagement: Instagram and WordPress

If you’re trying to have a successful website for blogging or business purposes, then you know that merely having the website up is not the end of the project. A successful site requires marketing and personalization. That’s why social media connections are so important when promoting your website.

One way to engage your audience with social media is through the integration of Instagram with your WordPress site. Here’s how to do it:

Instagram Followers Widget

One way that you can integrate your Instagram account into your WordPress website is with the Instagram Followers Widget which allows you to include a button on your webpage. This button will show how many Instagram followers you currently have and the viewer can click on the button to begin following you. It’s that easy and it allows for quick additions of new followers to your feed.

Instagram Feed WD Plugin

This plugin goes a step beyond the Followers Widget by displaying your Instagram feed directly on your WordPress page. In this way, your audience can view what types of things they are going to be seeing if they choose to follow you. They can then, very easily, click the follow button.

Embed Pictures and Videos

Another great way to use your Instagram feed on your website is to embed pictures and videos directly from Instagram to the site. To do this, simply go to Instagram and find the picture or video you want to use.

Click the timestamp at the bottom of the media so that your browser opens it in a new tab. Once this has happened, copy the URL and paste it directly into your WordPress editor. This is the easiest way to do an embed and a great way to use visuals to tell a story on your website.

Connect Your Apps

There are two tools that are excellent for directly connecting your Instagram account to your WordPress site. One is called Zapier and the other is If This Then That (IFTTT). Once you get either of these apps set up, your Instagram posts will automatically be added to your website.

Post your Blogs to Instagram

Many people think that the best thing to do is to add Instagram posts to your website, but the reverse is actually a good idea as well. Once you have built up followers, then you can add blogs from your website to your Instagram feed. To do this, you will need a plugin like Social Media Autopost & Scheduler. This allows you to push new blogs whenever you want (it doesn’t have to be automatic).

You can also push older blog content so that your new Instagram followers can be exposed to them. All of this is a great way to drive traffic to your website so that you can increase readership and possible revenue.

If you are trying to promote your blog or business, having a WordPress site is often not enough. It also requires finding the right way to promote your website through social media. While Facebook and Twitter have been the kings for so long, Instagram is a relative newcomer that is making waves. By finding the way to connect your Instagram feed to your WordPress site, you are finding a way to have the best of both worlds.

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