Challenge Yourself to Create a Business Website

When was the last time you searched for an important business service and landed on a professional, high-quality website? It may have been yesterday or the day before, but surely some time recently. These days, many businesses are opting for an only-social-media online presence. Are you missing something? It can be fun and rewarding to see all those social media likes roll in, but imagine how satisfying it will be to see your own website rise in search engine results, earning organic visits, and overall raising your business profile in your community.

Boldness In Your Business Website

When you create a website for your business, you are establishing a central hub for all of your marketing efforts. All of your email marketing, social media grooming, YouTube video production, or whatever external content you create points back to your website. This is because your website is your own personal part of the web, where you have the most control over how your customer sees you. Social media platforms come and go, rise and dip in popularity, or enforce new policies that can change overnight and potentially sever your connection with your audience. But your website, and how you manage it, affords you complete control.

How To Pick a Domain Name

Picking a domain name can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Your domain is one of those trademark items that will forever be associated with your business. You may already have a domain registered, but if not be sure to check out our full guide on how to pick a domain these days.

To sum up, while many of the most desired domain name have been taken for the most popular top-level domains (.com, .net., .org, etc.) there are many new top-level domain becoming available all the time. So while you may not be able to get, you might be able to get or

Your business may require different results from a domain name, but at the end of the day you have to pick a domain and go with it. The creation of your business website is the most important thing. You can always find workarounds if you get stuck with you less-than-ideal domain name.

Should You Hire (Or Fire) A Developer?

The overwhelming trend among website builders these days is whether or not to use an in-page drag and drop editor or hire a developer, or a little bit of both? If you want to design a site yourself it’s never been easier. With so many page-builder options available, you can take your pick.

The question is, “How much time are you willing to put into building a website for yourself?” And what if something in your design looks wrong when viewed on certain devices. You start out with the fun of being creative and building a website, but pretty soon you become your own tech support, working around the clock to fix issues on your site.

Hiring a developer will increase your upfront costs, but you have to consider how much time you’ll save just by having an experienced person available to answer questions, fix bugs, anticipate problems, and add plugins and integrations to your site that will help you achieve your goals.

Content Strategy

Your business website is more than a spot to put your contact information and address. It’s the single source of truth that communicates how the customer should see you. Part of that all-important message is dependent on your content strategy.

Find The Right Words

What does your business succeed at? How are you different from your competition? Defining a content strategy means finding the most salient points about why your customer should choose you and repeating that message, subtly, through your words. Those words will eventually appear in the landing pages of your business website, in your email and social media marketing, and wherever your customers are.

Image Selection

Visuals can communicate a lot of information almost instantly. You’ll get the best value out of your content strategy by balancing powerful text and eye-catching imagery.

Many websites and blogs rely heavily on stock image galleries. If you budget is low, there are free galleries like Pixabay. If you have a little more cash on hand you can higher quality images through Adode Stock, iStock, and many other premium libraries.

However, be careful to avoid using stock images reflexively. Stock images get you further than no images, but they are being overused so frequently that the public is becoming numb to them. So you are best advised to alter, augment, or otherwise strengthen your stock images before letting them fly as part of your content campaign.

Next Steps

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