Optimize Your Reseller Hosting For WordPress

Optimize Your Reseller Hosting For WordPress

Reseller hosting is a great opportunity for you to develop a hosting business of your own, whether you’d like to do it as a side hustle or a full-time job. Our reseller package gives you everything you would need. And there’s no need to fear working in a shared hosting environment. In theory, you can have multiple customers all using WordPress and no need to worry about bandwidth. We’ve compiled a list of considerations you can take now to help your customers optimize their WordPress sites sufficiently so that shared resources are not a problem for anyone.

Image Optimization

This is an issue that trips up many WordPress users. It’s standard practice to use images in posts; they help illustrate the content of the post for busy readers and add color and vibrancy. But they can slow your site to a halt and abuse resources needed by others.

So what can you do as a reseller host to help this? Check out some of our education resources and share them with your customers:

By encouraging your customers to read about and apply these resources, you are solving a problem and empowering your customers to improve their sites.

Sensible Plugin Strategy

WordPress, as you surely know, makes it incredibly easy to augment a basic installation. Using plugins, one can quickly augment their site with many impressive new features. These plugins can virtually extend WordPress without limitation. But they have a downside.

Introducing too many plugins into a WordPress site can have a negative effect on resources. For example, backup and security plugins, while possibly adding many helpful features, can use a lot of resources if they’re not carefully vetted.

We recommend the following plugins for backups and security:

Both of these plugins come recommended because they’re free, they add only a small footprint to your available resources, and can be configured with ease.

Are You Interested in Reseller Hosting?

If so, we have a full product guide available on our Support Center to help you along the way. And be sure to contact our 24/7 Live Support team if you have any issues getting set up.

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