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Did you know spam makes up most of the email traffic going back and forth from inboxes all over the world? It’s not surprising at all how much spam is out there when you consider how much time you spend clearing all that crud out of your inbox. Most knowledge workers spend 5.6 hours per day checking email. All that constant checking will not only cause a serious lack of productivity but is sure to get stressful. However, managing your email can be more of a joy than a curse if you take a few simple steps.

Managing email doesn’t have to be a chore. Read to find out how you can better manage email. While constant connectivity has been widely touted as the new innovation, it might be causing you more stress and costing you more money.

Limit Mobile Use

Most people check their email on mobile devices now. Sometimes, they check it out of plain boredom. Is that what innovation looks like these days? All of that constant connectivity and distraction may “innovate” you into a headache. If you’re constantly connected to an incoming stream of messages, you’re not giving your mind enough of a break to make connections and generate insights.

Taking regular breaks from checking your mobile device will help you think clearer.

  • Consider taking a lunch break without your phone
  • Take regular walks outside
  • Delete the email apps off your phone

These are just a few suggestions. Try them out. Mix and match. Find the solution that works best for your unique situation. When you get back to the computer, the sight of your email won’t be such a drag on your energy.

Use Different Inboxes For Different Purposes

Don’t let your main inbox fill up and fill up until it becomes a small mountain. Spread that incoming deluge over different email addresses. It’s easier to set up a different email account entirely than set up complicated filters.

With InMotion’s dedicated hosting, you can create unlimited email accounts at no extra cost. That means you don’t have to go around giving your personal email to every service that demands it. Tired of getting promotional emails from that hot yoga studio you went to five years ago? Start blocking them and start using a different email address for promotional emails.

Start Using a CRM

Customer relationship management is all about reaching out to the right customers at the right time. There are services that let you manage all of your contacts in one place and let you know what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in. CRM contacts aren’t limited to customers, you can also reach out to your team any time. Some notable CRMs include Salesforce and Hubspot.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

The email landscape is changing as spam climbs to critical levels. Some businesses have taken drastic steps such as limiting email to internal purposes and offering a physical P.O. box address for official contact purposes. The point is, the business world changes all the time and don’t be afraid to experiment and find new formulas for success.

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