Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

Welcome to the wonderful world of websites via WordPress! Currently, well over one-fourth of all websites are created and powered using WordPress. If this is the first website that you’ve ever created, then you likely found the process relatively pain-free.

And if you are an old hand at creating and maintaining a site, you will be amazed at the many diverse features and tweaks that you can easily bring to your site to give it a more professional and cleaner look.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful things that you can do with WordPress:

Choosing a Host

One of the first things you need to look at is who will host your website. This means that they will load your site onto their servers and it is their computers who will be dealing with the traffic of visitors to the site.

If you choose to use a shared server, then you will save money, but you will also be slowing down your website as you will be sharing all the resources with potentially dozens of other sites hosted on the same computer. Although a dedicated server would be ideal, these can be expensive.

The best WordPress hosting solution is InMotion’s WordPress Hosting. Not only does the speed alone make it worth it, but the additional features, such as premium JetPack licenses for free on select plans, free backups, and so much more. Check out all of the features.


One of the things that will slow your website down to a crawl is a bevy of high-resolution jpeg images. Instead, you can get a better compression rate by use .png files instead. Additionally, you should resize your images so that they are no bigger than 800 x 500 pixels. A resolution of 72 pixels is also optimum for quick loading time on your website.

You can also install one of several plugins to help optimize your site loads by cleaning up your database. This portion of your storage can sometimes be a bit clunky, and this optimization will really help speed things up.

Search Engine Optimization

Before you do anything with SEO, you need to first have your webpage indexed with Google. After you’ve done that, then there are several things that you can do in the WordPress platform.

If you haven’t already done so, download the Yoast plugin. This is essential with search engine optimization for a few reasons.

First, every page that you create will have a box designated for this topic. Under this box, you will see a keyword tab. This lets you track the keywords in your text to ensure that you are getting the best keyword matches for a better Google ranking.

The other thing you will see is a readability tab. This will help analyze your writing style edit the wording for simplicity, which also helps your ranking with Google. This plugin will also give you a color-coded score and let you know what changes you can make to move your website from the red (poor) into the green (best).

WordPress is an incredibly versatile system that allows website owners to customize their pages with a host of plugins and widgets. But as with any system, part of setting up your pages involves learning the ins-and-outs of not only creating a site but also making sure that the site is optimized for best performance. Doing this will ensure that your site has the chance to be successful and competitive with the thousands of others on the Internet.

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