Business Hosting and Classic Web Tools

Our entire hosting fleet gets faster and more efficient every day thanks to the diligence of our system admins.

This also means our venerable and highly affordable Business Hosting class also gets faster and more efficient.

So we wanted to give a quick rundown of all the classic hosting tools you can use on Business Hosting at no extra cost.

Business Hosting is General Purpose

General purpose computing means you get the hosting space and you can do (almost) anything with it. Basically, you’re the boss.

So what you want to ultimately do with this hosting space will depend on a few simple factors:

  • What’s your goal?
  • What tools will you need?
  • What resources do you have at your disposal?

Your goal is the easiest one to decide. And this can be almost anything. (We’re going to give you some fun and practical ideas later in the article.)

We’re also going to bring you up to speed on some of the tools you have available to accomplish your goals: blogs, wikis, forums, and more.

Our Business Hosting class is, at heart, a shared hosting account. This means the hosting space is divided among other users, but you have a separate, personal control panel.

The shared hosting environment is what makes our Business Hosting ultra affordable. For a few bucks a months you can do a whole lot of things with very little restrictions.

But what do you get? You get the ability to create multiple websites, virtually unlimited disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, if you need them, and much more. These are the critical technologies that every hosting account needs.

Now we’re going to talk about individual tools you can use while leveraging these important technologies.

Your Blog on WordPress

We talk about WordPress a lot. It’s the most popular content management system in the world. Most of the web uses it.

But what can you do with it? You can use WordPress to launch virtually any kind of website you can dream up.

WordPress is most popular for blogs.

If you want to start a blog for any reason, WordPress is the best tool for you.

But not only that, WordPress can create all kinds of sites. News sites, business sites, food sites, forums, you name it WordPress can do it.

WordPress works wonders at any scale: from a one-page business site to a massive news organization with a tens-of-thousands-of-pages archive dating back to the 19th century.

MediaWiki For Multiple Uses

It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without the seemingly endless encyclopedic reference that Wikipedia provides.

Did you know you can harness the power of that very same wiki for your own purposes?

MediaWiki is the open-source self-hosted version of Wikipedia that you can install on your server for free.

You can easily install MediaWiki using Softaculous.

There’s lot of practical functions for this:

  • A single-purpose wiki
  • Product documentation
  • Style guide
  • Research project
  • And much more

The great thing about a wiki is that they can be a repository for all kinds of information contributed by its users. The powerful moderation and editorial features make contribution and editing very easy.

PhpBB For Forums

Forums are a very old and still very popular kind of website that are still viable today. And PhpBB is one of the most popular content management systems for managing a forum.

Like Mediawiki and WordPress, you can easily install PhpBB in Softaculous with a few clicks.

What good do forums do?

Like a Wiki, user contribution is what makes a forum great. But unlike WordPress, for example, a content management system dedicated solely to forum moderation, like PhpBB, will provide you all the best tools.

Working With Full Support

What we like about these tools is that they are part of the classic social Internet. They’ve been around almost since the beginning of the web and they’re still popular today as other trends come and go.

These are viable methods for sharing high quality information, and you can reap all of these benefits with our most affordable Business Hosting plans.

If you’re wondering what else you can do with your hosting, or you want to match up your goals with the best plan, be sure to reach out anytime and we’ll be glad to talk about it.

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