Do You Need To Know HTML For WordPress Hosting?

Do You Need to Know HTML for WordPress? | InMotion Hosting

We’re often asked about the importance of HTML coding knowledge when it comes to managing WordPress Hosting. Is all knowledge valuable? Or, can you scrape by completely without any coding skills?

Learning coding has never been easier than in 2019. You can literally Google up whatever coding language you want to learn and a whole cornucopia of good things are delivered to you.

But working in the digital world is not all about coding. The field of knowledge work in the digital age spans a wide variety of skills.

Not all of those skills are technical in nature or involve any coding:

  • People skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Design skills
  • Business acumen

You can go far with any the above, and none of those require coding.

No Coding Skills Needed for WordPress Hosting

It’s true that WordPress works great in both regards. It depends on your goals.

If you want to build custom themes and plugins for WordPress, then yes, you will need to know these languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

You’ll find these languages build upon and support each other, so once you get some momentum behind learning them you’ll take off fast and it’ll get easier as you go.

But building custom themes and plugins is only one part of what you can do in WordPress.

For example, if you want to launch a successful blog, no coding skills are required at all. You can use one of the thousands of themes that are already out there or have a designer build a custom one for you.

When it comes to having a blog, your focus must be on the quality of the writing.

  • Are your posts valuable, surprising, or interesting to the reader?
  • Have you researched the information you’ve provided?
  • If your blog is opinion-oriented, have you thought carefully about how your thoughts can be interpreted?
  • Are you formulating clear ideas and communicating them appropriately through your writing?

You’ll find that performing tasks like these well will give you plenty to work on and provide you significant return on your investment. So leave the coding behind; there’s just no need to worry about it.

Is Self-Coding Valuable?

We like WordPress because of the Do-It-Yourself nature of the platform.

You can do virtually anything.

This means there will be plenty of tasks you can accomplish yourself with a bit of self-coding and save money without having to hire a developer.

For example, adding a Google tracking code to your WordPress theme. For most applications, this will mean editing a core file.

Or, more likely, you will install a WordPress plugin that lets you add code to your header file without having to edit it manually.

Either way, you’ll need to know just enough HTML to be able grab the code snippet you need within the proper tags and add it to your site.

Hiring a developer for a small task like that may be a waste of money.

But here’s another solution: go to your local Meetup. WordPress sponsors Meetup groups all over the world where beginners can go and get help from WordPress experts.

So, in total, some coding knowledge can save you time and money, but when it comes to doing something more advanced, seek help from friends or hire a developer.

Doing WordPress The Builder Way

The WordPress landscape is getting better all the time. Advanced projects and deployment methods keep WordPress viable at virtually any scale and for virtually every business big or small.

And on the beginner side, improvements in web builders are also taking off at high speed.

There are so many builders out there it can be hard to choose.

Our Website Creator package uses BoldGrid, because that’s simply one of our favorite builders and it’s super easy to use.

The advantages of a builder are many, but these are some of the most important:

  1. Easy to get started
  2. Edit with drag and drop simplicity
  3. Reproduce content blocks (to save you time)

That’s just on the first day. As you get more comfortable with your builder, you can easily integrate third-party tools to do all kinds of things.

You Get What You Put In

As with anything in life, you get out of your WordPress Hosting what you put into it.

There’s no virtually no limit to the customization and scalability of your installation. So what do you want to accomplish?

  • Hit your marketing goals?
  • Reach more people?
  • Get your ideas out there?
  • Promote your business?

Whatever you decide to do with your website, we’re always there to help. Reach out to one of WordPress experts anytime, we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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