Boost Your Newsletter – Top Quality Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

 Boost Your Newsletter – Top Quality Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

You may think of newsletters as some kind of archaic fossil that arrived in the mail once a quarter only to be ignored and tossed in the trash. But newsletters have finally made it into the twenty-first century, and WordPress hosting features several top-notch plugins that will help you use digital newsletters to market your product and services to a wide variety of people.

If you are interested in learning how to take your marketing to the next level with digital newsletters, then check out these plugins that can help you out:

Best Newsletter

This plugin more than lives up to its name by providing the ability to create professional looking newsletters very quickly. With this plugin, it’s easy to create a contact address list by copying and pasting from your email address book or incorporating a CSV file. It also allows you to track how many of the newsletter emails are actually opened (as opposed to those that are deleted unread) and lets you embed the subscription form directly on your website so you can immediately start creating your potential customer list.


This plugin is immensely popular for designing newsletters because it has a drag-and-drop email editor that lets you see exactly how it will look. It also isn’t flagged as spam by the filters that are set up by email clients. You can personalize the newsletters and emails enough to send individualized messages to potential customers. It also allows you to choose from over 500 free email newsletter templates.


This plugin actually comes in two flavors—free or premium. The free plugin is perfect for those just getting their feet wet with newsletters as it offers 70 themes that you can tweak, along with a drag-and-drop builder and automated messages. This allows you to take the plugin for a test drive to see if you want to upgrade to the premium version, which does not limit the number of subscribers and offers more built-in analytics.


Another high-quality premium plugin is Mailster. This one has a drag-and-drop builder but with the added bonus of live template editing so you can literally see exactly what it is that your clients will see when they open up the newsletter. It also has a very advanced campaign management feature that is worth it for those who want their newsletter campaign to be a success.


A great feature for newsletters is a free giveaway, especially if you are offering something like an eBook that can help emphasize your brand. This plugin is not specifically for WordPress, but it is easy to embed, and it allows you to have people add themselves to the competition, thus giving you a new set of high-quality leads.


This plugin offers a wide variety of templates that you can easily customize as well as a theme style feature that you can easily utilize. It also allows you to send these newsletters from either your web host email or Gmail at no additional cost. It can integrate with Postman SMTP mailer or Email log plugins. This will also help track customer clicks on your newsletter/email as well as unsubscribes from each one.

A newsletter campaign can be a great method for gaining new clients and getting your message out to a variety of new leads. Each of these plugins is able to let you customize your newsletter so that you can stand out from a very crowded field.  You can also track your newsletters to see if they are being successful for you and your business.

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