How Many Websites Can I Host On My Shared Hosting Plan?

As you may or may not already know, our hosting plans let you host multiple websites—not just one.

The benefits of hosting multiple sites, as we’ll explain below, can be very lucrative, depending on your goals.

We’ll show, in detail, exactly how many websites you can host with your shared hosting accounts so you can decide which plan is best for you.

How Many Websites You Can Host With Shared Hosting

Remember, when setting up websites, you can use addon domains and subdomains.

  • Addon domains: full and complete unique website with its own domain (like
  • Subdomain: a completely separate website that shares a domain (like

How many websites you can host on shared hosting varies by the account you’ve selected.

Below, we’ve classified addon domains as websites and subdomains as themselves.

Launch Power Pro
2 websites 6 websites Unlimited
25 subdomains 100 subdomains Unlimited

As you can see, our Pro plan is the most popular because you can host as many websites as you want.

Advantages of Hosting Multiple Sites

How many websites do you need? That’s a question you should ask beforehand. But imagine your needs change over time. With the pro plan, you can always add another domain or subdomain.

Did you know most full-time bloggers supplement their income by hosting multiple blogs?

If you have the ability to manage multiple websites, you could, in theory, double or triple the income you might otherwise generate with one site.

If you have any questions about what kinds of websites you can create on shared hosting, be sure to reach to one of our hosting experts anytime. Our live support is also available to help new members with any launch issues they may have.

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