Premium vs. Custom WordPress Themes

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Premium WordPress themes have a large amount of variety and options when it comes to styles and layout.

Even though there is variety and options, sometimes you need to have a completely fresh look. Hiring a developer to build a custom theme for your website can accomplish this. This allows your website to stand out from a basic template design.

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Become a WordPress Developer

The idea of becoming a freelance WordPress developer can sound like an amazing job. Being your own boss, working your own hours, working the projects which interest you, and having the ability to work from anywhere are perks that everyone wants. So how do you go from just working on your own website to becoming a professional WordPress developer? Leaving your 9-5 job to become a freelancer can certainly be a leap of faith. Today, we’re going to answer some of theses questions and give you some tips on becoming a professional WordPress developer. Continue reading –>

Help Me Setup a Website

When an organization, business or non-profit doesn’t have a website, they’re missing out on a prime opportunity for the world to hear about their products and services. Getting a website online is not as hard as many think it to be. For those who are saying “Help me setup a website!”, we’re here to walk you through the whole process to show just how easy and simple it really is. Continue reading –>

Use Easy Google Fonts on Your WordPress Website

Use Easy Google Fonts on Your WordPress Website

As part of setting up your website, it’s a really good idea to learn how to use the Easy Google Fonts plugin. When it comes to working on computers, we often become spoiled by the number of fonts that we have to choose from, especially when using word processing applications like Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, these same fonts don’t automatically translate when you try to use them on your website. You also need to be able to use not only a variety of fonts but also professional fonts that will make your website stand out professionally. Continue reading –>

Hunting Down the Best Free WordPress Website Builder

Hunting Down the Best Free WordPress Website Builder

Whether you are using your WordPress website to fuel your online business or as a personal project, the key to making it look the best is to use a powerful website builder that allows complete control.  There are a lot of different options currently available and each one has their own specific pros and cons. Continue reading –>

How to Start and Learn Web Development

How to Start and Learn Web Development

Have you heard about web development? Not web development like spider webs, but website development!

Some of the latest statistics show that web development jobs rank in the top ten of several popular job categories. Getting into the website development industry can be very worthwhile, but can require some patience with learning and acquiring clients. Continue reading –>

How to Design Your Own Website

When you need to create a website, taking the first step can be the greatest challenge. Many online articles share how to build a website using a template. This is all great information, but the main step of building a professional website is the design. The design can be a bit complex. A great design is the core to building a successful website. Some drag-and-drop web builder templates don’t have a clean design, making it hard to communicate the right message to your audience. You need to clearly communicate what you sell or do; otherwise, your site’s existence is for not. Continue reading –>

Building a Beautiful Website for Your Special Day – Free Wedding Website Checklist

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in life. Planning every part of the wedding is exciting. One important part of planning your special day is your wedding website. Today, everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, so building a wedding website is an important way to keep each guest updated and share your special love story. To help with your wedding planning, here’s a checklist to help get your wedding website built easily. Continue reading –>

How To Start Planning For Your Website’s 2016 Redesign

redesignEvery couple of years you need to update your website to ensure it has a fresh, modern look and makes use of the latest developments in web design. A website that looks out of date can damage your credibility and ultimately cost you clients. Before you can begin a redesign, however, you need to start planning what you want out of your updated website and what the finished product should look like. The following three-step process will help you prepare for your redesign and ultimately give you the website you want. Continue reading –>

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