Should I Hire a WordPress Developer to Build My Website?

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You want to build a website. Should you hire a WordPress developer, or figure out how to build the website on your own? Great question!

Today we’ll help you choose the right option. First, let’s talk about WordPress.

As the most common website Content Management System (CMS) in the world, WordPress allows novices to build and edit websites easily. And for advanced users with years of experience, it also allows for a high degree of theme customization. Because WordPress is customizable for users of all skill levels, it’s the perfect choice for most peoples’ purposes.

The Advantages of Building a Website on Your Own

For those who are just starting off, a WordPress theme allows you to place your content into a pre-built template. A WordPress theme is like a coloring book; you can color anything as long as you stay within the lines. Using the theme will not generally require coding knowledge and gives you the freedom to easily edit content.

Being an open source software, WordPress is free. This means that the overall cost to build a website on your own is minimal.

The Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Hiring a developer to build your website also has its advantages. Building a website that matches and fits your brand is important, and you’ll get that if you hire a WordPress developer.

You’ll also get features for your unique needs—like a customized events calendar, order process, video integration, etc. Working with a developer to build your website requires less of your personal time.

If the idea of fiddling around inside WordPress isn’t your cup of tea, hiring a developer to build your dream website may be the best solution.

The Disadvantages of Building a Website on Your Own

If you are not familiar with WordPress, there is a bit of a learning curve and it can be frustrating at times. Adding images, updating content, as well as configuring the overall style does require basic working knowledge of WordPress.

Unless you are building a custom theme, you are required to use a free or premium theme, and to drop your content into that pre-built template. It can be time-consuming to match the template to your specific needs.

The Disadvantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

The cost to build your website is quite a bit higher.

With a custom theme, if you decide later that you need to make changes, you will likely need to contact the developer (and pay even more). Hiring a developer also can mean a longer wait time to launch your website. This is due to the website being designed and developed completely from scratch. Depending on the developer, the overall quality of the code as well as the structure of your website can vary.

Should You Build the Website Yourself or Hire a WordPress developer?

Whether you hire a WordPress expert or take it on yourself will be based on your technical knowledge and your time.

Generally speaking, you should consider building a website yourself if:

  • You are familiar or willing to learn more about WordPress.
  • You need a basic website launched quickly.
  • You have a minimal budget.
  • You have found a WordPress theme that you like.

You should consider hiring a website developer if:

  • You want a high degree of theme customization.
  • You have a larger budget.
  • You have limited personal time.
  • You want specialized features built into your website.
  • You have complicated project requirements.

The decision between building your website on your own verses hiring a developer should be based on your time, budget, and design requirements.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Hire a WordPress Developer to Build My Website?

  1. I’ve just set up my website and on Google when you search it it comes up as a WordPress blog. Could anybody tell me how to edit and change this. Thanks Zara

  2. Thanks for pointing out the huge difference. Hiring a WordPress developer is the best decision for a website project.

  3. I have hired wordpress developer for my business website. I m confused but He work well & added all functions for my website

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