Self-Managed VPS Offers More Freedom and Security For SysAdmins and Developers

Unmanaged VPS gives greater freedom and flexibility

Are you an experienced developer or SysAdmin with skills that exceed the limitations of traditional cPanel VPS hosting? Want more control via root access to your VPS? Then you should learn more about InMotion Hosting’s powerful new Self-Managed Cloud VPS product, and discover a new, liberating hosting experience.

Why Did We Create Self-Managed VPS?

As one of the few large web hosting companies that remains independently owned by its employees, InMotion Hosting constantly strives to set itself apart while meeting the needs of its customers. As such, we have increasingly become aware of a segment of our customers with more complex technical needs. These users’ needs exceed the confines of a traditional LAMP stack found in our previous VPS hosting products.

Until recently, InMotion Hosting has always exclusively offered fully-managed cPanel VPS hosting. However, to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse and sophisticated customer base, we debuted a new set of configurations for our Shared Business and VPS cPanel platforms. We designed these configurations to optimize performance for a specific content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress.

Yet, another subset of customers wanted even more control. Though they saw the value of a system configured by others to run a CMS in an optimized environment, they wanted more direct control. These users have years of experience and need more flexibility in their hosting solution to configure their servers to their exact specification. Simply put, they needed a way to manage their virtual private server themselves.

So, we listened to their needs.

We gave them what they asked for: a way for customers to control the set-up and operation of their VPS themselves. A product where we get out of the way of these experienced users’ way. Thus, InMotion Hosting created its new Self-Managed VPS product.

Why Self-Managed VPS?

Although cPanel offers many great features, it also has limitations. By design, it attempts to provide simple-to-use solutions for the majority of users. The trade-off: it cannot meet the specific needs of every customer. As we discovered, a large portion of the market prefers the ability to create and manage their own solutions.

Self-Managed VPS provide InMotion Hosting’s customers with a new hosting product built without cPanel. It targets experienced users whose skills exceed the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional support or administration. Although Self-Managed VPS customers will continue to enjoy InMotion Hosting’s award-winning customer support, that support will now mostly take the form of ensuring the VPS server hardware runs properly and helping customers gain entry to the VPS. Additional paid support remains available for more in-depth problem-solving. This allows customers to craft their own solutions, developing and administering sites the way they want to.

What Does the Self-Managed VPS Include?

The Self-Managed VPS product runs on the Centos 7 operating system (OS). This configuration comes complete with a pre-configured firewall. Beyond that, the resources match the currently offered Managed VPS plans. In fact, these unmanaged VPS servers sit on the same cloud-powered redundant infrastructure as the currently offered managed VPS plans.

To help Self-Managed VPS customers get their projects started, the product also includes:

  • SSH Key Management Interface – helps you gain and manage access to your server;
  • DNS Management – helps you set-up and manage your domains;
  • Flush Firewall Rules – resets your firewall (in case you accidentally lose access to your VPS);
  • Re-OS tool – resets your VPS to its freshly provisioned state;
  • Increased Snapshot Functionality – captures full server images of your VPS (including running processes) to allow you to fall-back to a stable working state; and
  • Scheduled Snapshots – captures a snapshot on a regular basis so you always have a version to which you can roll back.

Ready to Try Self-Managed VPS?

To learn more, visit our Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting page, or chat with one of our knowledgeable, professional sales staff who can answer any other questions you might have.

Our partner,, wrote an in-depth article covering all the major benefits and features of our Self-Managed VPS product.

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