Need a pint? So do 30 million people. #MissingType

We are of course talking about that golden liquid – no, not beer. The liquid (technically plasma) of life: BLOOD!

Maybe you have donated this year, or maybe you’ve just thought about donating. But did you know that in the United States there are 30 million people daily that need blood. That’s nearly 1/6 of our population!

A British marketing company has taken initiative to combat the risk of running out of blood.  NHS Blood and Transplant started the #MissingType campaign to increase blood donations in the United Kingdom. Their campaign saw an increase of 30,000 new donors for the UK, and this year companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and even cities like Amsterdam and Bondi Beach are taking part.

We all know the importance of a blood donations, but might not donate as often as we can. But, the thing is… there is a global shortage of blood. With a growing global population, more medical innovations such as heart and organ transplants – blood is becoming increasingly sought after to exact the type of medical breakthroughs and procedures that have helped heal millions of lives.


InMotion Hosting is proud to promote the donation efforts that NHS has started. We will be removing the letters A, B and O (representing blood types) from our logo in support of the #MissingType campaign.

We encourage our U.S. customers and visitors to click below on the American Red Cross logo in order to find the nearest donation center or blood drive. Blood donation doesn’t take a lot of time from your day, and remember that you are helping save a life – and that’s proven; just ask the 4.5 million people saved each year from blood transfusions supplied by blood donors.

Happy Donations!

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