Do I Need a Dedicated Gaming Server?

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The question of whether or not users need a dedicated gaming server has become increasingly common as online video games have risen in popularity. While most users will not need to directly interact with a dedicated server in order to play their favorite online games, some users prefer a more personalized experience through the use of dedicated servers. In this article we will help you decide if you need a dedicated gaming server for your online gaming activities. 

Many Games Do Not Need a Dedicated Gaming Server

While online games are becoming increasingly popular, there are still a wide variety of single-player games that do not require the use of online features at all. Obviously, these games do not need a dedicated gaming server as there is no online data that needs to be handled. Meanwhile, other games handle online features through what is known as peer-to-peer connections. These connections take the place of a dedicated server, with one of the user’s machines acting as a “host” server. 

In essence, peer-to-peer connections use the extra computing power of video game consoles or computers to create a temporary server that houses the game data. This means an increased stress on the hardware which in turn will likely result in performance degradation. Well-coded games manage to establish these peer-to-peer connections without putting too much stress on the system as a whole.  

Some Games Benefit from Dedicated Gaming Servers

While many games do not require the use of dedicated servers, some games clearly benefit from them. In addition to providing a customizable and private environment for the storage of game data, some games allow you to access unique features by purchasing or configuring your own dedicated gaming server. These features can include enhanced control over the gameplay itself as well as administrative features such as block lists and the ability to ban problematic users. 

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