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In the search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) world, it’s often difficult to know to where to turn, and what projects to tackle. So much is required to form a well-rounded search strategy. There’s the technical considerations, making sure your site is adequately crawl-worthy, the softer skills like content generation, and keyword targeting. There’s a mix of both harder and softer skills. Once you’ve identified a good strategy, what kind of data will you measure and how will you know if the data you’ve chosen to measure indicates what you think it does.

This is why finding a good SEO blog can help you separate the signal from the noise. All SEO advice should be taken with a grain of salt. You’ll often find conflicting information. This is because search engines have proprietary secrets; no one really knows exactly how these search engines work. That’s not to say that much cannot be made clearer by running experiments and observing results. It is through that synthesis of experience and technical know-how that the best advice can be found.

Favorite SEO Blogs from Around the Web

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular SEO blogs from around the web. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it’s definitely a good start. I’d recommend adding these to your RSS feed right away. And, just for fun, I have included the number of backlinks each blog has to its credit — backlinks being a strong signal of search engine worth.

Search Engine Journal

Launched in 2003, and boasting a strong 19.3 million backlinks, Search Engine Journal proves to be a worthy contender in the SEM-blog marketplace. Focusing on SEO news and best practices, the journal provides helpful information about everything from basic SEO to content marketing and social media. They also feature a wide variety of contributors from different marketing backgrounds.


Developers of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, the Yoast blog currently flexes an impressive 6.8 thousand backlinks. And, personally, I like the highly readable design of the whole site. The Yoast blog is a great resource particularly for those who use WordPress. As such, it provides unique technical know-how and inside information; so, even if you only use the plugin, you’ll get a lot of background information on how WordPress works.

Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable tracks and discusses what is said in the many SEM forums sprinkled throughout the web. They bring in the juiciest highlights, so you don’t have to visit all these forums yourself. They cover all manner of topics from Google news, to SEO tools, and search theory. And with 4.6 million backlinks, you can be quite sure that the information is highly regarded.


Founded by Brian Dean, the Backlinko blog focuses on SEO training and link-building strategies. With 630.2 thousand backlinks giving credit to a single author, Backlinko warrants a lot of attention from search marketers. In addition, Dean’s blog is famous for advancing the popular “skyscraper” technique.

Other SEO Resources

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