InMotion Hosting and WordPress – Bringing the Community Together

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With decades of experience in web hosting, we have observed every type of content management system (CMS) used to build websites. In 2003, the world of CMSs changed when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released a new CMS called WordPress. As the years went on, we began seeing more and more impressive websites built with WordPress. As our company grew, many of our team members became experts in WordPress.

Over the years, WordPress has become the number one CMS in the world. It now powers over 19 million websites.

As a hosting company, we have been an active part of the WordPress community. We continually strive to stay on top of new hosting technology which supports how websites are built using WordPress.

When looking at ways to help advance the WordPress community, several individuals who already had WordPress websites shared some concerns. WordPress was super powerful, but the overall speed of their websites were very slow.

The web host was providing resources, but it was almost like it couldn’t keep up. We saw the real need. Provide hosting which was specific to WordPress which would provide speed, yet still allow for complete customization.

We took action and launched WordPress Hosting, a dedicated hosting service which was solely for WordPress websites. This new type of hosting wasn’t like any other type of hosting as we spent countless hours working through each aspect of the way WordPress operates to ensure that any WordPress website could run SUPER fast.

We accomplished so much with WordPress Hosting and now thousands of websites worldwide are live with some of the fastest hosting ever.

InMotion Hosting is all about finding ways to help fix customer’s problems. We don’t like to look at these issues as problems, but as opportunities.

When a need arises, we bring our team together to brainstorm and provide solutions. Since we launched our WordPress Hosting, we’ve heard the need for increased security, easy backup solutions, and easier ways to publish content to social media.

We teamed up with our friends at Automattic and brought Jetpack to all WordPress Hosting accounts. Not only does Jetpack bring a full set of tools, but also advanced features, such as built in analytics and statistics of prevented attacks.

Jetpack partnered with WordPress hosting makes one of the best hosting solutions in the entire market.

Many ask, where is the team at InMotion Hosting headed now with WordPress? We are super excited about the future of WordPress and are actively working on new products, ideas, as well as pouring our energies and team into the WordPress community.

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