How to Start a Blog in 5 Easy Steps – No Steps Skipped!

How to Start a Blog in 5 Easy Steps

You know about them, you’ve read them, you want to do one – but you don’t know how to start a blog. Fear not! Follow our 5 quick and easy steps and you can get started today!

Step 1: What do you want your blog to be called?

Before you start getting creative on the keyboard, you need a name. You can go the simple route of using just your own name, or you can get a little more custom and use a unique name. What you want to remember, though, is that you will want to use this name for your domain.

We’ll call this Step 1(a) because it is important. Your domain should be the name of your blog, or as close as you can make it. Therefore, when choosing a name for your blog, also research domain names that match your blog name. If you use your name, the chances of getting your ideal domain drop. If you go the custom route, your chances increase, so take that into mind when creating your name.

Step 2: The host with the most!

After you’ve chosen your domain, you need to find a place to host it. There are many hosting companies that offer all sorts of plans. What you want is the plan, and host, that works best for you. What is the cost? What is the storage that comes with each plan? How is the support from the host? Hosting plans can be a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re looking at, but a good host should be able to help you out and determine what you need.

Another factor to consider: do they offer a tailored plan for the platform you choose to use for your blog, such as a WordPress plan?

Step 3: Time for a platform

You have your domain, you have your host, you are ready to…..BUILD A WEBSITE! Here’s the step that most people think of first when thinking about how to start a blog. Although important, you should do the other two steps first so you have a foundation to build on.

We recommend using WordPress to build your blog site. Why? Well, it’s the best website builder out there, and it’s now even easier to use. We have a website builder that takes advantage of a plugin called BoldGrid, which allows you to build a website on WordPress with ease.

Now that you can create a website with a few clicks of a button, go ahead and do it!

Step 4: Customize

This is your time to shine a light on your creativity. Build your website to showcase who you are and what you are about. There are no limits to what you can do on a WordPress site thanks to the thousands of plugins and themes. Don’t be shy and let the creativity flow, but make sure that the website flows as well. Having a clunky or disorganized website can be a blog’s downfall, so make sure to keep things organized.

Step 5: Keep on keeping on

Now it’s time to start writing and publishing. A blog can be anything you want it to be. One tip: if you want to stick to a certain subject, make sure you stick to that subject. That’s the reason people come to your blog.

If you write about technology, nobody wants to see your perfect pancake recipe. Maybe that’s a bad example because who doesn’t love pancakes? But you get the point: stay on topic. Once you start writing, keep writing. Producing content on a schedule will increase readers and interaction. Think of it as a TV show. You’re more likely to watch a show with a set schedule than one that just comes out whenever the producers want.

Congratulations! You now know how to start a blog! Follow the steps and do your research before choosing a domain, host, theme, or plugin. With the right tools you can succeed, so head on over to InMotion Hosting to claim a domain and choose your hosting plan. Happy blogging!

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