How Are Blogs Different From Websites?

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We are often asked by new clients: what is a blog and how is it different from a website? Our answer: there’s really not much of a difference, other than format. But whichever one you want to create, an easy website builder can help!

Below we’re going to go over exactly what each one is, the key differences, and how to decide which one is right for you.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a weblog where the author makes chronological entries of articles, commentaries, personal diaries, videos, and more.

As the website owner, the content you include is totally up to you – the key is the format. Blogs are usually arranged in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent post being shown up top, followed by the previously updated content, all the way down to the first-ever post at the bottom of the list.

The entire point of a blog is to share fresh content and share it often. The more regularly it is updated, the more visitors will interact, share, and promote posts (and the higher it will rank in search engine results).

To be a successful blogger, it is critical to have several skills including writing, editing, marketing, and SEO. Because the market is so saturated, it is essential to not just turn out regular updates, but to make sure they’re of the highest quality. Not sure you have the required skills? Hire a freelancer or take an online training course!

What Are Blogs Used For?

Blogs can be used for anything you want to discuss or teach or even just gossip about. Some people run lifestyle blogs, where they talk about healthy eating or self-care. Others use blogs to educate their audience on something related to their business, like how to file small business taxes.

No matter how you’re using your blog, the point is to create a platform where you can interact with your audience in a meaningful way. Sharing your thoughts on a regular basis shows your visitors that you’re a real person, not just a faceless corporation, and it provides a way to connect and build relationships.

What is a Website?

A website is literally any page you visit on the Internet. This is where things get a little bit tricky:

All blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs.

What’s that mean? Well, in order for a blog to exist, it has to be housed on a website. But a website can exist just fine without a blog. All a website needs, really, is a homepage.

Of course, many website owners choose to go beyond a one-page site. They can be as simple or as flashy as you like, and surprisingly, even the really complicated ones aren’t that difficult to build.

Website Creator

An easy website builder, like Website Creator, makes it super simple to build everything from a one-page website to a multi-page whopper with all the bells and whistles.

Website Creator is a true WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder that makes web creation easy for even the most novice designer – and it has dozens of features that allow you to quickly create a gorgeous, custom site that will stand out from the crowd.

And if you just want a stand-alone blog? No worries. Website Creator can do that, too.

Building a Great Blog

Whether you start a blog or a full website totally depends on you, your business, and the goals you’d like to achieve. Want both? An easy website builder can give you a full website with a blog component.

Whatever you do, give Website Creator, the world’s easiest website builder, a try. It will make your website-building experience a million times easier and you’ll be glad you gave it a shot.

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