Foodie Friday at the ‘Farms…

Welcome to another edition of Foodie Friday!

This week’s lunch destination was at one of our favorite spots in Marina del Rey, Mendocino Farms!  This local chain specializes in delicious, fresh, gourmet sandwiches that consist of local Farmers Market produce.

Back at our Marina del Rey office, it seemed like we would have Mendocino Farms as our Friday lunches every other week or so, so I honestly grew a bit tired of it.  But now that we choose this place sporadically, I can appreciate their food much more.  Especially since I found one of my favorite sandwiches from this place!  However, it’s only on their menu as a seasonal item.  This sandwich is the Spanish Chicken, but I substituted the bread for a whole wheat tortilla wrap and added BACON!  This sandwich consists of Pitman Family Farm’s free range chicken breast, housemade manchego pimento cheese, romesco, paprika vinegar, charred leeks, roasted tomatoes, and Scarborough Farm’s arugula.  YUM!

Spanish Chicken

For the first time since our Foodie Friday column began, I’ve given my meal a 5 star rating!  I think what really did it for me was the added bacon in my sandwich/wrap, which they gave a very generous portion of, and the side of cream of tomato soup that I got.  It was an excellent combination of flavors!  And the cream of tomato soup had almost a cheese-like flavor too it, which went very well with the Spanish Chicken.

Needless to say, today I wasn’t the only one that gave their meal a 5 star rating.  The other winners were the Sandwich Study of Heat with a side of potato salad, the Prosciutto & Roasted Chicken sandwich with a side of pasta salad, and the Spicy Lemongrass Steak Banh Mi.

Mendocino Farms

The lowest rating that a dish from this place got was a 3.5, so basically everything that everyone in the office ordered was rated above average!  Therefore, overall we gave today’s meal from Mendocino Farms a 4.2 star rating!  The highest rated place we’ve eaten from thus far!

So if you’re ever in the LA area and are craving a good gourmet sandwich, even if you’re a vegetarian (try the Vegan Banh Mi), definitely give Mendocino Farms a try!  Honestly, their prices are a bit on the higher side, but you do get your money’s worth!

Vegan Bahn Mi

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