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Have you wondered how there are a few who respond to blog posts with such preparedness their photo appears everywhere? Do they really spend more time than you to upload their profile pictures on every site they comment on? Chances are no, if you go to you can do a one time upload, and everytime you comment on someone’s site your image will show rather than that empty silhouette. It also helps make sure your comment doesn’t go unnoticed, webmasters frequently have to deal with a tonne of spam comments and sifting though comments to authorize legitimate ‘real’ profiles.

If you’re stuck for a suitable photo for your blog commenting addiction, head over to some of these fun suggestions to create your own avatar:

1./ Face Your Manga

Personal favorite, lots of customizations, from freckles, make-up to scars and accesories.

2./ Clay Yourself

Ever wanted to see yourself as a clay model or maquette? Not only can you customize your clay-self, but you can set the stage, script it, and see an animatic of yourself. Screen capture the complete version  to create your avatar.

3./ Digibody’s Caricature Maker

This avatar creator makes you a simple pencil drawing illustration of yourself.

4/ Yahoo! Avatars

Make a cartoon portrait of yourself here with hundreds of options and styles.

5./ Meez

Create a 3D Animated Avatar

This one is a bit memory hungry on the browser and I had difficulty just getting my Java to work. But if you have the patience to wait for your bandwidth consumption with all the adverts on their website the Animated Gif is a cute effect!
Plenty of customizations available.


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