Master Your Inbox For Focus and Clarity

Master your email inbox | InMotion Hosting

Did you know spam makes up most of the email traffic going back and forth from inboxes all over the world? It’s not surprising at all how much spam is out there when you consider how much time you spend clearing all that crud out of your inbox. Most knowledge workers spend 5.6 hours per day checking email. All that constant checking will not only cause a serious lack of productivity but is sure to get stressful. However, managing your email can be more of a joy than a curse if you take a few simple steps. Continue reading –>

Pro Projects That Require A Dedicated Server

You may be wondering, do I need a dedicated server? Deciding whether or not to make a jump up to dedicated is not a life-altering decision. It comes down to data and dollars. If your business is growing, your hosting needs will change. Dedicated hosting is just another way to serve the best possible experience and add the most value for your prospects. 

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Do You Have Multiple Employees Using your Small Business WordPress Account?

One of most powerful features of WordPress goes unnoticed every day. The built-in user roles feature in WordPress is something that at first surprises and then delights WordPress users. Many people think their username and password for WordPress is a single sign-on key and must be shared in order to grant someone else access. This is not always the best solution.

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WordPress 5.2 Is Here!

WordPress 5.2 Is Here | InMotion Hosting

WordPress 5.2 is here! Yeah, we get excited around release time for WordPress updates. But for some, releases can be stressful. No need to get worried. We’re going to go over some of the things you can expect for this release and how you can prepare myself by testing future releases in advance.

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