3 Reasons to Choose a Lesser Plan Instead of a Dedicated Server

There comes a point when you have to decide between a dedicated server and a VPS/Cloud/Shared server. All 4 are very common but they are very different from each other.

Dedicated Server Hosting Compared With Other Plans

As a dedicated hosting plan is usually more expensive, it may not be in your bests interest to choose. However for this article, we are going to exclude pricing, as you can either afford a plan or you can’t. Instead we are going to focus on 3 reasons why you should not choose a dedicated hosting plan and go with a ‘lesser’ plan.

  1. Your company is on the smaller side. Dedicated servers are usually reserved for medium to large companies. If you are on a small team or in a company where everybody knows your name, there is not much reason to be on a dedicated server. Your website will reflect the size of your company. If you go to the website of a large corporation, you will see that their website is massive. Drop down menus for days, a footer that has more information than some restaurant menus and a directory you can read for a day. On the flipside, if you go to a small restaurants website, it is small. You’ll have a menu option, hours, an about us, and maybe 1 other page. Because of the difference of the amount of data on these websites, they will use different hosting plans, or at least they should. The restaurant is probably on a shared or cloud server and the corporation is most likely on a dedicated one or they have their own.
  2. The traffic on your website is on the lower end. When you have a smaller company, your web traffic is also going to reflect that, just as a website does. Granted there are sure to be some exceptions out there, but for the majority this is the case. Dedicated servers can handle a massive amount of traffic, which again, is why they are primarily used by larger companies. If you are not hitting 10k+ visitors a day, you don’t need a dedicated hosting plan. There are different tiers of Shared/Cloud/VPS plans as well, so if your traffic does increase, you can increase with it without going over your budget or having more storage than you need.
  3. Your web data is not sensitive. If the majority of your data is not tied to personal/medical/financial records you don’t need the increased security that a dedicated plan offers. Obviously you still want good security that will protect your website, and all hosting plans offer that. However, if your website is just displaying information and is not a portal for people to log into, you are at less risk of being on the wrong side of an attack. All hosting plans will update your security and they will always be on the lookout for anything that looks out of place. Where the dedicated plan differs is that it is way more intense than the other 3 we’ve discussed. Yes more security is good, but is not always necessary, especially when you don’t have information that hackers want.

These 3 reasons are great starting points to determine whether you really need a dedicated server or not. If you fit all three, chances are you don’t need one and would be completely fine and safe with a VPS, Cloud, or Shared server from InMotion Hosting. If you find that these reasons don’t apply to you, no need to worry. We offer dedicated hosting plans as well. As always, make informed decisions and do your research before spending more than you need to or getting a plan that is not right for you.

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