Major Data Center & Network Upgrades Completed

Over the past year, InMotion Hosting has invested heavily in upgrading our infrastructure, data centers and advanced hosting services. We had already set the bar high by having one of the most reliable network uptimes in the industry, but we have reset the bar even higher by adding more features, bolstering our infrastructure and adding amazing new services.

What does this mean for you? It means we are doing even more to improve your experience with us. Some critical adjustments we have made include:

  • Additional redundancy and bandwidth capacity to our internal network
  • Partnered with the Tier 1 bandwidth providers to insure you have the best and fastest paths to your web services
  • Added more redundancy and bandwidth to our backend networks
A hallway in our West Coast Data Center full of Dedicated Server towers.
A hallway in our West Coast Data Center full of Dedicated Server towers.

This means that we can actually provide 99.99% uptime or better. Many of our competitors promise that they can maintain 99.9% uptime – this means that you could be down for over eight hours per year. We found that unacceptable so we beefed up our network to better serve your needs.

In addition to upgrading or network, we have invested in upgrading our shared server fleet. Our new servers have more CPU power, more RAM, and more disk space, giving our customers better performance and reliability over our old server fleet. Couple that with new Commercial Class Dedicated Servers, our brand new Premier Support team and our vastly improved one-click application installer and we have made a lot of great changes for you in 2012 and the beginning of 2013! We’ve got a lot more in store, so make sure to check back often to see what we’re up to!

Mark LaForest is InMotion Hosting’s Director of I/T. He joined us in 2012 to oversee our Systems team, improve our network and make our data centers shine. Mark hails from Austin, Texas and prior to joining InMotion Hosting proudly served in the US Air Force for over 12 years. When Mark isn’t fussing over our network and data centers, he can be found helping to run the Board of, a non-profit dedicated to horology and the collection of rare time pieces.

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17 thoughts on “Major Data Center & Network Upgrades Completed

    1. We are thrilled to hear that, Michael! We actually hit 99.999% network availability in February due to our new data center improvements. We aren’t stopping there, though. We’ve got much more on tap in the near future.

    1. Hi Thomas, we have a number of upgrades and projects on tap for the East Coast DC, too! Some of our networking improvements from this announcement benefitted both data centers. Stay tuned!

  1. Awesome news on the upgrades. I did a lot of research last year before joinign you and thought you to be one of the best back then. I have set the wed stuf in motion for my two boys toi help them get something started in the future and will also have them read this article so they understand the organization that supports us.

    1. Hi Jim – we are certainly pleased that you ended up with us after careful research! We have a brand new website launching this month that does an even better job of explaining our network, data centers and support staff that is here 24x7x365 to help you out. We appreciate your business – don’t forget to tell your friends about us! If you refer one, we can give you a free month of service (you can learn more about this in your cPanel).

  2. We have a small site that I moved to InMotion less than a year ago. The site has been down at least 6 times and, like today, gets repeated “can’t establish database connection” errors giving it only intermittent availability. We don’t meet any of the published qualifications for a VPS, but the site is repeatedly unavailable.
    I wonder if these data center and network upgrades going to help us out at all. I chose InMotion specifically because it is advertised, and rated, as a small business hosting site. It appears, however that my options are either VPS or a new host. I am open to suggestions.

    1. Hi Ken, we apologize you have been receiving database connection error messages – we know this can be extremely frustrating. This is actually a server side problem versus a network issue. I have passed your concerns onto our Customer Care department, and they are going to look into this and contact you shortly.

  3. We have been having problems with spam going to our inbox and good emails going into spam and marking them as “not junk” over and over is not helping. Will this completed overhaul help with that???

    1. Hi Colleen, that is a great question. We actually have a few things we can do to assist you with emails not going to the one place. A free resource for you is SpamAssasin which you can find plenty of information about in our Support Center. We are also going to be introducing a premium service, McAfee Inbound Email Filtering in the next few weeks that can really address almost all spam problems. If you need help configuring SpamAssasin (including filters to help your incoming email get to the right place), don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via live chat or phone. They’d be happy to help you out.

    1. Thanks, Dan. We aren’t going to stop. We already have more projects in the queue to continue to improve our network and processes when customers are getting close to their maximum resource allotments.

  4. Not to over-analyse your sample picture but I was wondering why you don’t go with dual power supplies on those servers and switches and protect against a PSU and/or UPS failure. Thanks for all the efforts with upgrading your networks, I really appreciate it!

    1. Hey Paul,

      Kudos to you for being so observant! We do in fact utilize dual power supply on our higher end servers and all of our core routers and switches. The dual power supplies go to different PSCs, which both go to unique power runs on separate UPSes. Some of our Dedicated servers do not utilize the dual power supplies, this we are aware of. However, with the various methods of power conditioning and multiple fail safes in place, we haven’t had any power issues to date. We do have multiple runs as well as redundant UPSes and generators in place in case of an emergency power situation.

      Also, the picture you are looking at is part of the old wing of the data center. Since we have completed the physical renovation and upgrades, we are now working on that part of the data center to match the new one. You will receive notifications if your servers are affected by those upgrades in the future.

      Hope that helps, again, very impressive you could spot that from just one photo!

  5. Thanks for the great news. I love your guys service and constantly evolving infrastructure. Always a pleasure to read these improvements.
    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks Brian

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