Taking a Close Look at Jetpack Security Features

Taking a Close Look at Jetpack Security Features

The Jetpack plugin from Automattic is a great tool for those transitioning from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site.

But even if you’re starting fresh with self-hosted, the Jetpack plugin will help you along with powerful features built in.

In this post, we’re going to be covering the Jetpack security features.

Looking For WordPress Security Plugins Can Be Tricky

For beginners and pros alike, finding a comfortable balance of features in a security plugin poses challenges.

You want a plugin that’s powerful but not powerful enough to bring your server to its knees.

WordPress Security With Jetpack

Jetpack comes with some hardcore security features out of the box:

  1. Hardening your login page
  2. Whitelist management
  3. Auto updates
  4. Downtime monitoring

These features alone can get you started on a solid footing, but then there are premium options that you should consider.

Jetpack Premium Security Features

While the free version of Jetpack is impressive, we think the jump to premium is worth the investment. More than that, our WordPress Hosting (WP Launch plans and higher) comes with a Jetpack “Personal” license ($39 per year value) to get you going quickly.

Daily Automated Backups to VaultPress

This feature alone is worth the investment.

Have you ever been caught without a backup of your site? Is can be disastrous. And, did you notice this feature says “Automated“? That means you can set it and forget it. Don’t lose all of your hard work!

Jetpack uses VaultPress, the official WordPress backup solution, made by the people who make WordPress.

Your Jetpack premium account gives you daily automated backups and a 30-day archive. So no matter what happens to your site, you can instantly restore a backup with a few clicks.

The automated backups feature is available with the “Personal” Jetpack license that comes with our Shared WordPress Hosting packages.

Security Scanning

Taking a step up from “Personal” to “Premium” adds a significant leap in your site’s overall protection.

The Premium feature set includes a powerful malware scanner. This means you can regularly search your site for any malicious files. Having the ability to do a complete security scan of your site with a few clicks not only saves you time but also brings you peace of mind.

WordPress hackers are eager to take sites down. You can stay one step ahead with Jetpack configured properly.

Final Thoughts

Investigating security plugins for your WordPress site regularly helps you make sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunities available to you.

Plugins are plentiful and easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you should just install them willy nilly. We recommend the Jetpack plugin because it packs in some powerful features, it’s lightweight, and easy to configure.

But, if you have any questions about which plugins might be best for you, or how they’ll work with our hosting, be sure to reach out anytime and we’ll be glad to speak with you.

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