Jetpack Plugin Provides the Security a WordPress Website Needs

JetPack Plugin Provides WordPress Security

Think it’s easy to tell when your WordPress website is hacked? That’s a common misconception. Depending the way the hacker gained access, your website could look absolutely normal, and stay looking that way for months or years without you knowing your website has been hacked. Sometimes a hacking involves small changes, like links and other minor code changes.

Once hackers gain access to your website, they can steal data, redirect visitors to other pages, destroy data, and can even deface your website. If your website is hacked, some of the more common ways this could manifest are:

  • Changes are made to sections of your website, causing visitors to be redirected to insecure websites
  • Errors on multiple pages due to the database being changed and corrupted
  • Added popups or sections which redirect to a malicious website
  • Your website being added to search engine’s blacklist, causing your website to not appear in search results

We understand how being hacked can impact your business and livelihood. For this reason, we’ve included a powerful security tool with all WordPress hosting packages 2000+: JetPack.

JetPack for WordPress provides security scanning, real-time threat detection, and recovery tools for when your website is hacked.

Real-Time Monitoring

One super helpful feature of the JetPack plugin is real-time monitoring. Not only does JetPack monitor website visitors, but also monitors your WordPress core files to ensure that nothing is hacked. If a core file is ever changed, JetPack will notify you in advance, so you can act quickly to prevent further damage from being done.

TimThumb Security Threat

What is TimThumb? Why should you be worried about it? TimThumb is a script which can usually be found inside plugins or themes. It provides the ability to resize images. This is a helpful script, but unfortunately, there are security gaps in older versions. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to upload harmful content to victims’ websites.

With a continually updated solution like JetPack, older versions of the TimThumb script are detected and JetPack will prompt you to update TimThumb.

Unfortunately, websites are hacked every day. Even though they don’t appear to be hacked, doesn’t mean that they really aren’t.

In summary, the JetPack paid plugin—which we now include with all WordPress hosting accounts WP-4000s+—protects your website from being hacked with real-time monitoring and provides hack recovery features. JetPack also monitors scripts and core files of your website to ensure that nothing is outdated. Start using JetPack with the incredible power of WordPress Hosting.

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