Hampton Roads WordPress MeetUp Group Member Spotlight – How Carson

Hampton Roads WordPress MeetUp Group Member Spotlight - How Carson
How Carson

When you’re talking with How Carson, you can sense the long history of his experience with WordPress. How worked in Philadelphia for many years as a site administrator and trainer through a co-operative(co-op) called US Server Net. They would bring your particular problem to a person who had the skills and experience to give you an answer.

“ [It’s] a place where if you have a problem with graphics, then you can talk with a graphics expert. Or, if you need help with developing a front end, then you would be directed to an experienced developer who was also a member of the co-op.”

How Carson

Before the co-op, How worked as a Systems Analyst evaluating software and fell into using WordPress after being asked to convert a FrontPage-based website. I asked him about his favorite tools for WordPress and he described being an initial investor in a tool called Infinite WP – an administrative tool for managing multiple WordPress sites.

“I was an early investor in InfiniteWP. I saw promise in the software developer. His application later became one of those tools that we used with many clients to help manage WordPress sites.”

He also likes to use Beaver Builder and iThemes Security Pro. He recommends using database tools to keep the database optimized.

How has trained individuals and groups with the goal of making them proficient WordPress administrators or users. Though he has recently retired and relocated to Hampton, How remains active in the WordPress community attending meetings with the Hampton Roads WordPress Meetup group. He’s also available for part-time work. To contact How, join the Hampton Roads WordPress Meetup group and then find him in the Member list. You can also use his website form.

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