Finding Your SEO Ranking Online

Finding Your SEO Ranking Online

After you create your own website and have it up and running, it is necessary to update it regularly so that your site maintains a good SEO rank. If you are not familiar with the term, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and it involves the process by which your website is ranked by search engines such as Google.

The goal of SEO is to optimize your ranking so that you can stay near the top of results for keywords in your business or field. If you aren’t on the first couple of search engine results pages, then it is highly unlikely that potential customers will take the time to find you. If you are wondering how to find your SEO ranking online, keep reading.

SEO Ranking

First off, there is not one definite #1 ranked website for any specific keyword because Google, like the Internet, is constantly changing and evolving. Instead, you can see how your website did in a specific time frame and in a specific region.

For this, you will have to log into Google’s webmaster tools and put them to use.

From your dashboard you should go to “Top Search Queries” and then select “More.” This will then display a list of your top keyword associations (i.e., the keywords that your website connects with the most on searches). When you click on one of these keywords, it will show you how often your website ranked in the top ten for that keyword. For each one, you will see a ranking followed by a percentage.

Let’s say you have a ranking of #1 at 15 percent, #2 at 29 percent, and #3 at 11 percent. This means that you ranked in the top position 15% of the time, the second at 29%, and the third at 11%. It will also show you the total clickthrough percentage for your website. This is a good way to get a handle on how your website is rated. But there are other tools that will help you with your SEO.

More with Google

Google’s Webmaster Tools have other instruments that can be used to help you get a feel for your website’s search engine ranking. As soon as you create your own website, you absolutely must sign up for this platform to make your site successful. For instance, Fetch as Google is a tool which lets you look at your website the way that it is viewed by Google in terms of SEO.

This allows you to change your website and analyze how those changes impact your ranking. It can even help you determine if you have been hacked so that you can take preventative measures.

Other tools in the suite allow you to determine the performance of your website when it comes to loading speed rates. It will test these for desktops and mobile devices and let you know if you need to speed up your site to improve your SEO. This tool, PageSpeed Insights, gives you a score of 80-100 (Good), 60-79 (Medium), or 0-59 (Low).

Create Your Own Website

If you create your own website using our Website Creator, you can take advantage of SEO tools as well. Website Creator is a combination of a user-friendly website builder and a web hosting service. You can also add BoldGrid Easy SEO plugin for WordPress which helps by creating a dashboard that gives you information on how to change your website to improve its SEO ranking.

If you want to compete with other sites in your niche, it is imperative that you actively work on your SEO to make sure that your site appears higher on the page results than your competitors.

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