How to Use Emojis That Will Get You Seen

Emojis aren’t just for text messages anymore. 🙂

These days you’re likely going to see emoji icons popping up in email subject headings, blog posts, and even in printed media.

You like lobsters? Check out how the lobster emoji has risen in popularity over the past few years. You gotta love these little crustaceans.

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Easy WordPress Hosting for Your Website

If you’re new to creating or managing a blog or website, you may feel a little overwhelmed when looking for easy WordPress hosting. You have to figure out all the basics: install WordPress. set up the pages, design your website, create content, add images, and so much more. Before all of that, however, you need to find a place to park your site. You need a hosting provider. Prices and packages vary by such extremes that it can seem overwhelming. We’ve heard your frustrations. That’s why InMotion Hosting offers easy WordPress Hosting.
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Should You Auto-Update Your Website?

Question: Should I setup my WordPress website to auto-update?

The security of your website is one of the most important responsibilities of owning a business. It’s imperative that you keep your website and its security measures updated since the types of attacks are always changing.
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Grow Your WordPress Website Through Artificial Intelligence

Once you launch your WordPress website, there is still work to do to keep it updated and running smoothly. Sometimes all the work can feel a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over some of the basic tasks to someone else so you can focus on the main effort of creating content? You could always hire a designer or developer, but what if there was a way to have someone just do it without paying them? It almosts sounds too good to be true. Continue reading –>

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Let’s be honest: for years, podcasting has been a hobby reserved for only the nerdiest of the nerds. But these days, podcasts are more popular than ever. About 15% of Americans report listening to podcasts at least once a month. If 15% doesn’t sound like a lot to you, consider this: podcast subscriptions on iTunes exceeded 1 billion last year.
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Blogging is the Key to Influencer Marketing

You may have heard the term “influencer marketing” and wondered what it meant. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses key leaders to drive a brand message to a larger audience. Those key leaders have a large amount of “influence” on their fans following on social media and blog. It builds a bridge of trust with people who might otherwise not consider your brand or product.
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