5 Things to Do With a Dedicated Server

5 Things You Can Do with a Dedicated Server

You can do an impressive list of things with a dedicated server, including game hosting, website hosting, and VPN networks. Let’s take a look at the top five ways you can use a dedicated server.

1. Website Hosting

When it comes to uses for a dedicated server, website hosting tops the list. Dedicated servers help your audience get to your website more quickly. In contrast to lesser website hosting plans like shared business hosting and VPS hosting, a dedicated server will provide high-performance speed and stability for your website’s visitors.

2. Game Server Hosting

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or are just looking for a way to play with your friends, you can use a dedicated server to host a multiplayer game. Not only does this allow for 24/7 uptime and the ability for your friends to join even when you leave, but it also allows your international friends to participate in the game.

3. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks, more commonly known as VPNs, are useful when you want to keep information secure and only available to specific devices. Only specific computers can connect to each other and the server, so data can’t be accessed without going through one of those computers. This provides increased security and prevents hacking.

4. Data Syncing

Very similar to a VPN, you can upload files onto the dedicated server so that every device connected can access them. These are typically handled via a cloud network, but as with VPNs, files are more secure thanks to the fact that only specific devices can connect to the server. The primary difference between Data Syncing and a Virtual Private Network is that a VPN is used to connect computers, whereas Data Syncing allows files to be stored in one area for future use (almost like a cabinet).

5. Communication Services

Email is typically sent through computers across the internet, leaving it open for interception. With a dedicated server, you can send IRC messages, or Internet Relay Chat messages, to any device connected to that network. Because it’s a dedicated server, you can encrypt messages and keep them away from the public. This is also useful if you own a business and don’t want employees using their work email for personal matters. A dedicated server owner can regulate how networked devices receive and send messages—like email or other forms of communication.

You Can Do a Lot with Dedicated Servers

You can boost workplace productivity, and allow computers to communicate with each other to share files. You can host your own website to attract customers. You can host a multiplayer server for the games you play or develop. And even if you don’t have the time or resources to store your own dedicated server, you can hire a third party to host it for you, making it a great choice for many online businesses.

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