Slow Speeds Can Ruin Your Site–UltraStack Can Help

What is UltraStack? What Does UltraStack DO?

You may not know much about your cache. And really, you don’t want to know about your cache. When it comes to your website, caching should be a set-it-and-forget-it operation. A cache is typically defined as an inaccessible storage location. 

In this sense, “inaccessible” is quite true; you will never need to access your web cache, but it will work independently if set up correctly.

No one who visits your site will know whether or not they are looking at a cached page; they will only be enjoying a faster user experience.

What is Ultrastack?

UltraStack is an optimized server configuration created by InMotion Hosting. It leverages powerful open source technologies, bundles them together, and delivers it to the end user.

UltraStack is uniquely capable to handle content management systems like WordPress. Pages render faster, the admin area is responsive and does not lag.

You don’t have to wait for pages to load while trying to get your work done. UltraStack intelligently caches frequently-used resources and saves them in memory, so you can access them faster.

How Your Cache Improves Your Site Speed (And Everything Else)

Caching helps improve your site speed. And site speed affects virtually everything on your site. 

It influences SEO. If your site is slow, Google will not recommend it higher in search results.

It can hurt your user experience. If your site pages load slowly, visitors will grow impatient and leave your site. Rapid departure from your site also feeds into negative SEO.

No matter how you slice it, your site needs to be fast and always getting faster. You can’t afford to let this slide.

How UltraStack Works

Your site’s page cache works on a pretty basic principle: it stores pages that have already loaded for a certain user and serves the page as it was when first loaded. This means that the page itself, or any static resources like styles and scripts and images, don’t need to load again if they haven’t changed.

This also speeds up your site by reducing load on your server. By expending fewer resources, the pages will load faster for first-time users as well.

The InMotion Hosting UltraStack package gives you powerful caching options you can configure easily from within cPanel to make your WordPress site super fast and user friendly.

UltraStack is InMotion’s proprietary Nginx-based caching system that comes with WordPress Hosting VPS plans.

Once you’ve logged into cPanel, just click on Cache Manager and you can configure your cache preferences. There are certain elements of your site that you not want to cache. That being said, having granular control over your caching is a terrific benefit.

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