How to Make WordPress Maintenance Insanely Easy

 How to Make WordPress Maintenance Insanely Easy

We’re always looking out for plugins that can complement our WordPress Hosting. Specifically, we wanted to address an issue that many WordPress users face every day: managing multiple WordPress installations.

WordPress Hosting Allows You To Have Multiple Sites

Let’s face it. You can’t do everything with only one site. You may want a site for your business, but you wouldn’t want to post pictures of your recent vacation there. So you may have a personal blog as well.

Or, you may have a side hustle e-commerce business selling jabberwockys. We’re not judging. That’s very ambitious of you.

But, each separate WordPress installation has its own Dashboard with unique themes, plugins, and media. And maintaining all of that can be difficult.

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites Can Be Painful

Take an ordinary WordPress todo list:

  • Check for updates on themes, plugins, and core
  • Perform regular backups
  • Scan for malware
  • Check your SEO
  • Test out plugin in staging area

And much more…

So if you have multiple sites, take the normal number of tasks and multiply it by the number of sites…tasks starts to mount up quickly.

Here’s where ManageWP can help out.

Manage Everything From a Single Dashboard

ManageWP takes your massive task list and get them done in bulk. For example, apply updates across all of your sites with a few clicks, and roll back if there were problems. You can also push backups to the cloud or download them locally.

There are many tasks that come with the premium version of ManageWP, but you can do a majority of common tasks with the free version.

Taking On New Challenges

Of course, you should always carefully audition a plugin before introducing it into your site. Try ManageWP with one or two sites first and see if it works for you.

We believe the best thing you can do as master of your own WordPress site is take advantage of the resources you have available to you.

And we hope to use us as a resource. If you decide to with our WordPress hosting packages, you will always have a WordPress expert available to take your call. 

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