Domain Registration Agreement


Subject to Universal Terms of Service: These InMotion Hosting, Inc. (“Company”) terms of service are subject to Company’s Universal Terms of Service which is located at In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Service and the Universal Terms of Service, these Terms of Service.


Domain Registration

InMotion Hosting offers the ability to purchase domain registrations. InMotion Hosting can host any domain on your account that you own. You can also purchase any available top level domain with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info. Domain registrations are for one full year.

Free Domain Credit

With some of our web hosting plans,  a free domain registration or transfer may be available. The Domain Credit can be used to cover the cost for the first year of service for a new domain registration or to cover the cost of a domain transfer fee. When the domain registration comes up for renewal, the applicable then-current pricing will be applied for the renewal.

Domain Privacy

As part of our domain services, InMotion Hosting offers Domain Privacy for those who do not wish to have their contact information available in the WHOIS registry. Domain Privacy is a service that protects your personal information from the information harvesting efforts of spammers, direct marketers, and even identity thieves.

The domain name public information is replaced with our InMotion Hosting’s information. This includes email address, phone number, and physical address. The only thing we do not change is the Organization Name, as that is the legal owner of the domain.

Domain Transfers

If you wish to have InMotion Hosting be the registrar service for your domain, thus allow you to manage the domain in your Account Management Panel(AMP), you can have the domain transferred from your current registrar to InMotion Hosting’s registrar OpenSRS. What this would do is allow us the ability to process the domain renewal for you, and you will be able to access the domain maintenance tool for your domain through your Account Management Panel. Registrar transfers will also extend the current expiration date for one year automatically.

Renewal Policy

In order to ensure that our customers do not experience an interruption or loss of services, all the services that InMotion Hosting offers are set up on automatic renewal.  Renewals will be made at the current rate for the service being renewed.

Renewals will happen on the date listed in the Account Management Panel(AMP), with the exception of domain registrations and Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) renewals, which both renew two weeks prior to the date listed to ensure payment can be processed and registration renewed in a timely manner to avoid service interruption.

Auto-renewal can be turned off in the AMP but must be done prior to the renewal for the service. If the auto-renewal is turned off, payments must be made in the AMP by the renewal date to avoid service interruptions.

In the event that we are unable to automatically renew your domain name for any reason, we may automatically renew your domain name for a period less than your original registration period to the extent necessary for the transaction to succeed.

If for any reason InMotion Hosting is not able to take the payment from the Payment Method you have on file, and you fail to respond to our notices, your domain name registration will expire. It is your responsibility to keep your Payment Method information current.

Cancellation Policy

Once a domain registration has been registered, there is no way to cancel the domain name. The domain registration can be set to expire on the next renewal date, but the domain cannot be cancelled early.

Refund Policy

Domain name renewals will be non-refundable. The domain name has been registered with our registrar for the period requested and will not be available for purchase again until the current registration is expired. Because of this, any registration or renewal is non-refundable.