Tech Program Students at IMH

This week our Virginia office was very happy to host high school students from the Advanced Technology Center. The Advanced Technology Center offers a tech program for a variety of STEM interests. Programs offered include information technology and computer sciences, digital design and marketing, and engineering and manufacturing. We’ve partnered with the ATC over the years to provide insight into the business and the web design industry.

These students are hard at work creating a web design business from the ground up over the course of 9 months. They’re gaining hands-on experience not only with web design but also with marketing, sales, and financial management skills needed for a successful startup. Our Web Design and Sales teams gave great pointers to the students. But they also need to learn how to put all their skills into action. They will go on to craft their business model and create actual working sites for customers! Then, the group will also compete with other student-organized businesses across the country.

Best of luck to Blossom Web Design! Remember to always thrill your customers through exceptional service and show them what your business stands for.

tech program at IMH


high school tech program


If you’re looking for a tech program for high school students, check out the Advanced Technology Center’s programs here.

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